Using only the Dexcom system and no glucose meter, question?

I have a big event that I’m going to today. I’ve been lugging around both my Dexcom and blood glucose meter everywhere I go for the past month (since starting the Dexcom system). The event I’m going to is roughly 4-6hrs. I’m trying to down size the gadgets I’m carrying. I’m seriously thinking about leaving my meter behind in my automobile. I will not be able to access my vehicle once in the venue.

Do you ever have a night out on the town/ go out to an event without you blood glucose meter? Do you trust the Dexcom system enough to walk away from the safety net of your meter? I’ve been carrying my meter around for 1/4 century, kinda hard for me to let it go.


I never go anywhere without my meter. If it came down to carrying the Dex or carrying my meter, my meter wins every time. Fortunately, I haven’t had to make that choice.

Here’s what I do know. Murphy’s law says that if you leave your meter behind, you’ll get a sensor error or some other failure on the Dex, and you’ll be flying blind. Am I pessimist? Possibly, but I’ve been bitten by Murphy’s law too many times to count.

I agree with Shannon. I love my Dexcom, but I love my meter more. If you had access to your auto so you could get to your meter if you thought you needed it, I would say “go for it!”


personally I wouldnt. My dexcome is pretty accurate… about 75% of the time, but i know there have been times where it has said my blood sugar is 400 and it was 99. (I obviously knew someting was up when i wasn’t puking and drinking gallowjn of water lol) but I personally would feel nervous with out it. 4 hours, you might be okay, I’ve done it on an occasion, but I do not reccomend it, especially being at an event.


When a Sensor has been running with superb accuracy, high and low, for several days in a row, I might not actually use the meter to “confirm” a treatment choice if the activity will distract others at a “sensitive” meeting. But I always have the meter with me, in case the Dex goes “???”, or doesn’t match how I feel.

If you want to downsize gadgets, try my combination: J&J One-Touch Mini, a matching lancet device (not more than 2 inches long), and a bottle of strips. They’re all very small, easy to fit into a single pocket.

Agreed… I have had too many instances where my BG doesn’t match what the dex says (like an alarm at 47 earlier while skating, when I was really 137!!) that I wouldn’t trust it for anything without my meter to back it up… and it had matched what my meter said before I got on the ice, so I’m not sure what happened.

Only for short periods of time. If I get a rapidly rising or falling trend arrow, I freak out and head for my meter. I’m pretty comfortable with it showing a steady state.

It depends… If you are going to consume food or beverages, I would not go without. While the Accucheck plus meter seems larger than most, it is a very convenient package when you consider all the elements are together. A lancet device, 17 strips in the drum and the meter are not much bigger than a cell phone. You could easily slip this into a pocket. I find this system very easy to use when away from home in public because it looks like I’m using a cell phone. I don’t have to unwrap strips and insert them into the meter. I don’t have to set the meter down while I lance my finger tip. I can use this meter without having to draw attention to myself.