Using Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine

do any Weight Watchers out there use these frozen meals in their diet? I usually have one for lunch with baby carrots and sugar free jello. It is low points (which is printed right on the box) and low carb usually.

I’m only on my third week of weight watchers, so I have stayed with cooking my food and separating the food out into portions. Some goes in the freezer for later and some goes in the fridge for now. The recipes I use (if they are not weight watcher recipes) have the nutritional break down so I calculate points that way.

I did eat the frozen ones from time to time before weight watchers and I love the lean cuisine four cheese pizza! Whoohoo!

I’m in Week 12 (and down over 12 pounds - yay). My husband and I choose to use SmartOnes one night a week for dinner. Last night, I made an extra cup of steamed broccoli to add to the fettuccini alfredo and broccoli. I find them to be a little too lean to feel satisfied afterward, but they are so low in points that with a little extra veggie (for 0 pts), I find I have pts leftover for a WW ice cream treat or something.

The rest of the week, I cook dinner. I plan and shop for a week’s worth of meals at a time and always have the SmartOnes on hand for the one night a week where there’s too much going on or I just don’t feel like it. I like to have a framework with wiggle room.

I agree with the wiggle room! I had a smart one last night for the first time in a long time! It was pizza and it was great! I am thinking about taking on your idea and keeping a few in the freezer.

I know this is an old discussion, but make sure with frozen meals that you’ve checked the amount of sodium and make sure that works for what you’re trying to do.

The healthy choice steamers are also a great addition to the WW point system and for only 5 points, I have found them to be delicious and absolutely filling.

I also have found that I prefer the Healthy Choice frozen dinners to both of the other ones. I really like the cafe steamers. I have found they are more filling than the weight watchers dinners.

I usually keep a few Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines in the freezer for those nights when I’m rushing home from work and straight out again to a meeting. A small frozen meal, along with bagged salad and low fat dressing works just fine as an occasional emergency meal.

I like the smart ones. Some of the lean cuisines are good too. I have found that I like the taste of the smart ones better. I usually have one for lunch with a little something else. I usually have a yogurt and some fruit or pretzels. As I said above I triedthe healthy choice and yes they are bigger but I had trouble finding different ones and dont really like the flavor of the ones I could find.