UTI/Kidney Infection

I have been feeling Very tired most of the week, frequenting the bathroom more often(especially at night), then achy kidney pain yesterday. Darn it! Kidney infection.

I popped over to one of the many walk-in Clinics here, got tested(easy urine test), and received a prescription for the infection.

As mentioned in the link, Women and Diabetics are susceptible to UTI’s. Certainly People with other disorders that suppress the immune system and People who take medications that suppress the immune system for other diseases, like many of us on TuD, are definitely more prone to UTI’s,

Some People will have Very minor symptoms and others many have the full load.

This detailed link about UTI’s is particularly for People who are unaware of these infections. If these infections are not looked after, they can cause blood poisoning which is Life-threatening and can happen quickly. I had that “Fun” experience once, where immediate IV antibiotics plus orals and Hospital care was required.


Did they say it was pyelonephritis?

The renal system is like plumbing. The bacteria can go up to the kidneys and wreak havoc.

I had a Klebsiella pneumonaie infection in my kidneys once, and all I had was back pain.

Great post, and hope you are feeling much better.

No, he didn’t say. I just had the first capsule 5 hours ago, so I’m not feeling that Great yet. But this too will pass. :slight_smile: Strange, when I was younger, I found I had more symptoms. Especially excruciating kidney pain. Now they just feel a bit achy, even the other time when I had the blood poisoning. That time I did have a high fever, felt nauseated and had chills.

Thank you. I’m Glad that you made it through your infection okay also. Just back pain? That wouldn’t indicate an infection to many People.

I am so sorry you’ve got this, Terrie. 20 years ago, I was on vacation with my husband, and I thought I had the flu. I was so very tired too. My hands and feet were swelling up so much they were itching. as soon as we got home, I went to the doctor, and he said I had a kidney infection in my glomerali (sp?) and they did a chest xray. you could see the lower tips of my lungs had fluid! it was so scary. of course I took massive antibiotics. the worst part for me is that for months I was dog tired.

Yeah, when an infection spreads from the urinary tract to the kidneys it can be very very serious. We pwd’s do not need anything additional that could damage the kidneys.
A couple years ago, I knew I was getting one and went to a Fast Clinic near my job. They just do the urine dip and don’t send it away for a culture. She confirmed that I had one, but gave me the wrong antibiotic. If I’d gone to my regular clinic they would have had a culture done to see what bacteria was causing it and within 2 days known that I was on the wron gmed.
Well, I gave it another week and was gradually feeling worse. By the time I went to my regular doc he almost put me in the hospital, but agreed not to on the condition that I would come in to th e clinic every day for the next 5 days and monitor my temp at home. It was very frightening.
But now I’ve found out that the instore clinics they have at Target will send away for a culture.

I haven’t had swollen hands or feet or itching, any of the 4 or 5 times that I had kidney infection. You had fluid in the lungs and tired for months from it? Geez! Poor you!

The first time I had kidney infection was at about age 10. I was playing with Friends on the lawn when I got a severe pain in my back below the ribs and passed out. I had also been visiting the bathroom often. The other times, I usually had a fever and severe/or achy pain in the kidneys, sometimes a fever, running to the can frequently for sure plus if I had a fever then higher sugars. Thank you marie.

Not to be gross, but I have had yeast infections, too, when my sugar is high. It all makes sense, too…

Is everyone else “slow to heal” like me?

Sorry to hear that they put you on the wrong antibiotic Kathy. Yes, that’s sure to happen on occasion. Unfortunately, my Drs. don’t work on the weekend, so a Clinic it is. I could have gone to the ER but on the weekends, the wait time is much longer because the whole city shows up. :slight_smile: j/k. At the Clinic that I went to, I was in and out in about 20 minutes.

The antibiotic seems to be working though. Seven capsules later, I’m feeling Better. So hopefully, I got lucky. It’s partially my fault for this infection. Since I was a Kid, going to the bathroom when my body told me too, was not a priority if I was involved in something else. I still have that Bad habit of holding it, if I’m busy. Gotta stop that.

Ugh! I’ll have to cancel my Orencia infusion though since it spreads any infections like wildfire. Plus I’ll have to get my blood tests for my Endo done after this antibiotic is out of my system since it gives false results on some tests.

Yes, these infections can be a bit scary sometimes. That’s a pain that you had to go to the Clinic everyday(although understandable)instead of going in the Hospital.

That’s interesting that the Target store Clinic sends away the culture for you. Good to hear. I didn’t know that Target has Clinics. We don’t have Target stores here, I don’t think.

Thank you for the post Kathy and sharing your interesting experience.

True, high sugars usually do cause yeast infections for Diabetics if the sugar level is not brought down to a normal level but anyone can get an yeast infection, even non-Diabetics with normal blood sugars. I haven’t had one in quite some time thankfully. Now that I’m on this antibiotic, I hope that I don’t get one though since antibiotics can cause yeast infections. There are many causes for yeast infections.


I don’t heal as fast as I did when I was a Kid. That’s normal with aging plus Diabetes on top. With normal cuts and scratches, I don’t take long to heal. A wound with an infection takes longer of course, even with an applied medication. I put peroxide first on most skin wounds that I acquire, to get rid of any bacteria that may have gotten into it. 98% of the time, I do not get infections then.