Valerian Root & Insulin

I was wondering if any type 1's taken valerian root? I have terrible sleeping problems and it's one of the few things I haven't tried (acupuncture, other OTCs, and ambien don't work either).

I tried it the other day and it tanked my morning blood sugar...I felt so awful, I didn't even test, I just had some glucose tablets and waited. It may have just been a coincidence, but I don't get frequent lows or highs in the morning and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary the night before.

Thought I would inquire and see if anyone knows much about interaction between insulin and valerian root. I'm taking Lantus and Humalog if that matters, but neither just before bed. The worst part is, I think the valerian root worked, but if it's interacting with insulin, then I won't be able to use it easily.

*Valerian root has not been studied enough which is why my pharmacist had little information for me at least about the interaction of insulin and some arthritis meds I'm on and I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor.

Thanks :]

thanks for the response. i'll try some combinations of herbs mentioned if the time comes, but i'll have to stay away from the wine. alcohol tends to speed up insulin response so that's out for me.

I'm T1 & have taken valerian at bedtime without it causing lows. Alcohol doesn't speed up insulin, but it causes lows by suppressing glucose release due to alcohol's effect on the liver.

I had lows this morning and on and off all day after taking Valerian inspite treating and eating a lot. Unfortunately. I took more this evening before reading the warning about hypoglycemia on the bottle.