VDEX rep for Afrezza - can anyone provide contact info?

I can’t get a hold of VDEX! I’ve left several phone messages, emails and filled out their online form requesting information twice. (Over the course of 3 weeks, and no reply) Does anyone have contact info for a rep in California? I want to get on Afrezza and probably Tresiba with it. Thank you in advance.

Perhaps you can also try to reach out to them via Twitter: @vdexdiabetes
or facebook at: Redirecting...

Thank you, I just messaged them on Facebook. I hope I hear from them, thanks again.

Hi Janet,

You can email me directly and I will get your information to the people you need to hear from: jeremy.fultz@vdexdiabetes.com


Done :slight_smile:

I called Vdex yesterday and was on hold for about five minutes and then forced to leave a voicemail message. I left my name and number and have not heard back yet. I’ll update if I’m successful with a return call. If I get a return call, I will explain your trouble getting in contact with them.

Hello Terry,

If some reason you do not get a return call in 24hrs. Please let me know. You can email me as well jeremy.fultz@vdexdiabetes.com

Thanks, Jeremy. I was just going through the motions to help @janet353. I’ve been using Afrezza since March 2015. While my usual practice is to use it for corrections, I sometimes use it for a carby meal or a meal that I did not anticipate, often due to social situations.

I’ve read references to Vdex but I’m unsure about what it is. I just know that they help people get access to Afrezza. It’s too bad doctors, in their rush to judgment, have made a poor decision to withhold Afrezza from their patients.


Hi Terry,

You are welcome. We took care of Janet this morning. What we are is a Diabetes Center that focuses on improving people living with diabetes lives through our “Real Time Diabetes Management” model, people living with diabetes have far better control of blood glucose levels and reduced hypoglycemia as compared to the current, best therapies available today. We do that with Afrezza as our main treatment. You can read up on us here: vdexdiabetes.com

If there is anything else I can help with don’t hesitate to reach out.



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