I have had vertigo constantly for the last 3 months or so. My GP has given me tablets and they have worked for a while but the last two days have been awful. I’m going to speak to them again on Monday. I’ve also got headaches and a general feeling of “woolly headedness”.

Does anyone else suffer?

Can vertigo be caused by long term poor diabetes control?

If you get vertigo, what has worked for you?

Type 1 for 22 years, poor cintrol most of that time due to fear of lows, pumping since 2004. Also on statin.

I have had this condition 3 times. I hate this problem. I took pills and it cleared up but it came back. Finally I have not gotten it back recently, hopefully I won’t. First time I got vertigo I was not on a statin second and third time I was. I am off of the statins now though because they was causing severe leg problems.