Very new to this!

hi, my little girl was diagnosed with type 1 almost 2 years ago when she had just turned 2 herself. we were initially turned away from the doctor who explained her symptoms as ‘post viral syndrome’, she was going through typical symptoms…we took her back a few days later, she got worse could barely stay awake, she fell asleep walking from one room to another! she was rushed straight in with keytones and blood reading of over 20. no one has told me just how much my little girl could have been suffering… i suppose i was just to scared to ask. bbut i want to know now. i am concerned for her future as any parent would be… just want good advice from people in both our positions.

Hi Kate! I can completely understand your concern as a parents-- I have type 1 myself, but I something think that living with type 1 might be easier than being a parent to a child with type 1!

Many of us think about how much damage could have been done when our blood sugars were not under control… the most important thing is to control blood sugars the best you can now! Complications from diabetes are connected to uncontrolled blood sugar over years. Your daughter’s diabetes came on relatively quickly and now the goal is just to do everything possible to keep her levels good, while still letting her be a kid (a really hard balance…).

One encouraging thing is that there are many adults in this community who have been living with diabetes all of their life! And they live full lives and pursue whatever they dream of. The same will be true for your daughter! Diabetes brings extra challenges and it will certainly shape a part of who she is, but she will grow up and need not let diabetes keep her from her dreams!

She is lucky to have a mom who cares…

Hi Kate,
I actually just posted a blog yesterday, Thoughts on Parenting a Diabetic. Maybe you’ll find it insightful. It was just a few thoughts I had about my experience growing up.

Welcome to tudiabetes. I’m sure you’ll find lots of great info and tons of support here. :slight_smile:

you have come to the right place. I know you will be able to find lots of answers and tons of support from this wonderful family. I know you are scared but take it one day and sugar reading at a time. God will see you through!