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Hi This is my first post here. My Daughter (14) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes with only a distant relative (her G-G-Grandmother, who only had borderline diabetes) and really no rhyme or reason for developing the disease. It has been a pretty rough couple of weeks. She is handling it very well, watching what she is eating and emotionally. She often says that I am worse than she is. I worry. We are seeing a regular Endocrinologist and are waiting to get into a Pediatric Endocrinologist (hopefully soon). I am very unsteady about the whole disease. I have spent a tone of time researching, finding out things, learning what I should watch out for…etc. Only 1 person as a contact for support and info so far (from JDRF). She is great. But more support would be great. To see other people who are going through what I am and what she is. I am not sure what else I should put down, I would say right now I feel like a small child lost in a forrest and unsure of which way I should go to find my way. I am taking it one day at a time and praying a lot. I have two other children a 2.5 yo and a 7 mo. I am now afraid that they may also develop the disease as their father has hereditary type 2 diabetes (I am now wondering if he has undiagnosed type 1). He is insulin dependent, and hoping to wean off of it soon. We have been trying for years to control his numbers. I am amazed at how much easier it is to control my 14 yo’s than it is his. DIfferent diseases I guess.
I must say thank you for developing a place like this! I hope to be very active on here and maybe help someone else too.
Thank you all in advance for any support or help you may give me now and in the future.

Hello, and welcome to the site. I joined a week ogo. The American diabetes association is a good place for support and info( Another place is

C. Luis-

Welcome to TuDiabetes! I am glad you could join our family. I am glad that you and your family are taking the steps needed to help your daughters diabetes and hopefully inspires your Husband:)
Please feel free to ask as many questions that you need:)