Very Strong Tape with Guardian 3

Several months ago I switched from the Medtronic 530G with Enlite CGM to the Medtronic 670G with Guardian 3 CGM. Although the physical shape of the Guardian 3 is the same as the Enlite, the tape seems a little different. First, it is a slightly different shape (an oval-like shape rather than a rounded rectangle-like shape), but either shape works perfectly fine. However, the tape with the Guardian 3 (the oval-like tape) seems much stronger, and is much harder to get off. Sensor/CGM tape was never painless to remove, but the pain usually ended once I ripped it off. But with the oval tape, removing it is probably the most (actually, probably the only) challenging part of using the new CGM. But when I use an alcohol swab to clean off the site before inserting a new sensor (which I usually do shortly after my shower, so the site has been clear & washed beforehand), it stings horribly, which never happened before with the old tape. I also noticed the last time I inserted a new sensor (which was after my shower as usual) a very distinct area from the tape. I am not referring to the black border from the adhesive, but a red area where the tape actually touched my skin, you could even identify the non-red area in the middle where the actual sensor was. Has anybody else had tape troubles (with any sensors or infusion sets)? Does anybody have any suggestions as to what to do about it? Thanks.

Try a barrier wipe? S&N makes Skin Prep. If you want it as a barrier, rather than an adhesive-enhancer, let it dry thoroughly!

Or, soak the tape before removal with Unisolve. Wait 1-2 minutes after applying the Unisolve.

Unisolve is what I use.

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