Best Tape Removal Methods

I use the Medtronic 670G & Guardian 3. The tape (“Oval Tape”) that comes with the Guardian 3 sensors sticks great, sometimes a little too great. When removing it, it can sometimes be a little painful. I have tried several methods to make this easier, and the best one I have been able to find is using UniSolve during the removal process, but there is still some pain involved, maybe even a little afterwards. What kinds of things does everyone else do when removing their sensors?

I am a big fan of Detachol by Ferndale. Labs. I follow it up with Isopropyl alcohol and have no residue

I use uni solve on the 670G transmitter.

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I like this product too; it’s what I use.

Anyone who paints their nails though should be aware it (or products like it) will mess with the polish. I wear plastic gloves to protect them. I’ve been wearing gloves for so long now, I’ve forgotten if it removed the polish or just scuffed the finish.