I was really nervous that my dr would be against putting me on the pump. While I was waiting I took notes from the Animas ping group and wrote my own list of “why its a good idea”. I even printed out my Dexcom reports for him to show the roller coaster that has been going on that the Dex has reported. I went in and did explain to him my reasons. He was glad to hear I did my homework and approved that I am certainly ready to be put on the pump.

I was ecstatic! I could not wait to go to the rep at neighborhood Diabetes and let him know. So the paperwork should be put in soon and in a couple of weeks I'll hear from the insurance company. My insurance company covers it 100% and they assured me that it will be. But I am still nervous.

I am going with the Animas Ping. I picked green as my color as I wear LOTS of silver, blue and black (I'm not a pink kinda gal). What is getting to me is the disapproval of some people on here. I get comments like read this book and that book which I already have read the books suggested. I even got a comment on how will they do the correction factor and the I:C ratio as I am on the humalog 75/25 mix. I am sure they can do it. I know people that was on the mix and switched to the pump so I know its possible. I still carb count like everyone else. I do make sure I eat the 45-60 grams per meal that I am allowed and if I go over, and my levels go way high, I know why, I overate! I do keep a list of the foods I mostly eat and the portion size and the amt of carbs in that amount. I plan to print off the nutritional values from restaurants and add it to my binder so its right there in front of me. I'll do math while I am waiting for the pump so I can see what it could be (the basal/bolus/correction rate that is). I need good comments and not disapproval ones. I use to be in other Diabetes groups online and left them due to the nasty comments I was getting. I dont need that!

So I did have victory on the pump and I am soooooo happy about it. Everyone was right, it shouldn't be a fight, etc. It was so simple to tell my dr that this choice is the best for me. I know I have LOTS of work ahead of me but I know I'll do well with it and succeed. I know that I'll need to carry back up supplies in case the pump has some sort of hissy fit with me. I have a part time job and this is the perfect time to learn about my newfound freedom. I know this isnt a cure or the easy way out. It will be a lifesaver for me. It will help me better my diabetes better and I can be on the go more often. Plus when I get that perm job, I will be up and running with the pump and the dex will serve me well while waiting and for a long time from now. The two tools will help me better manage my Diabetes in better ways than I can imagine.

So a victory me!

Congratulations! :slight_smile: I was talking to you on the Aminas Forum I think. Make sure to tell us about your journey too :slight_smile:

I will! I’ll even take a picture of my excitement when the box arrives :)…If it does by Christmas time, I’ll leave it under the tree so it can be a nice present unwrap :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan :slight_smile: . Now I just have to convince my endo that I can not get in control with MDI no matter what we do (considering I woke up on a 420 and had moderate ketones)

Brentos, I HIGHLY recommend a CGM (especially the dexcom!!!). If I didnt have mine, I would’ve of been on MDI again. My dr saw the roller coaster and agreed that its time to start using a pump. Also keep a log of your sugar levels and your carbs and foods so they can see what is going on and that MDI isn’t working. I did that and I am going to be pumping soon (I just cant stop saying that. I am just too excited!!!).

Unfortunately here in Australia, CGM’s are not covered under insurance and they are expensive :frowning: ($22,000 a year for sensors) but they did hook me up to one for 3 days but that only made them say I needed Levimer. I already keep my carb and BG written down (in fact I email them to my endo every 3 days lately) I am going to have to try again though in convincing them. LOL its such a magical moment isn’t it? I can’t wait for mine

ahh…i didnt realize you were in Australia…Keep that log going. The more info you can provide, the more they can see you need to switch. I am going to re-start my log so I can have the info for the insurance company. The more info they have, the better chances you’ll get covered. I thought for sure in other countries supplies and what not would be better coverage than here in the USA

:slight_smile: I just have to keep fighting. I really hate how people have to fight their insurance companies. Our government subsidizes all our insulin, strips, glucagon and infusion set and it angers me that the US don’t have something similar. I hear people go without insulin or testing :frowning:

Brentos, I didnt have insurance for over a year and spread my meds sparingly. I suffered. My A1C was 13% when I moved back home. I now have managed care medicaid. I use to be a medical biller and boy did I get a HUGE surprise when I saw how things are done here. Made me want to move out of the country completely (its still a plan some day). Insurance company loves money. Its a pharma money making deal here. The sicker you are, the more they love you (and sometimes not).