Great news to share!

I thought for sure I was gonna fight tooth and nail with my dr but nope! I told him that MDI just isn’t working out for me plus my job schedules me smack dab in the middle of lunch so going back to 4 shots a day wouldn’t work and I really want to give the ump a try. And he took what I said and said "you are definitely ready for the pump. I got sooooo excited! I told him I am going with Animas as I like the food directory and the different basal settings for it, etc. And of course how much you guys LOVE your ping. So I did the C-petide test and the glucose test as some insurance company may need that info. So I did that. He loves my A1C :). I am going with the green one as I wear blue a lot and dont want to be too blue. Now I just sit and wait for the paperwork to go through and for the insurance gives back an answer. I’ll be excited if I can start by Christmas or even by the start of 2011 :)…Oh I am just excited I can kiss my dexcom (which he saw my levels go everywhere and agree that it would be best to go try the pump).


Congratulations Amy, you are going to love your Ping. I found it’s really hard for the doc to argue when faced with you doing your homework and laying it out for them. Plus, the readings being all over the place is an excellent reason for the pump, much less just the fact that you want better control, want to be a part of the decision making and don’t want to do shots anymore. I was prepared for a fight when I got mine in September, but it was as easy is it could be. I also figured the insurance company would fight and it went through their system without a fuss as well. I wasn’t on the Dexcom before the pump. My Dexcom is sitting in it’s box waiting for the training appointment the day after Thanksgiving. I, like you, can hardly wait.


He really saw the roller coaster effect and agreed that the pump would make a better choice. He knows I’ve tried the humalog/lantus route and remembered that 4 shots a day was stressing me out. And he now sees that I’ve tried the humalog 75/25 and that wasn’t doing it either. He also agreed I DO have the amount of time I NEED to get up and running is perfect. I am up for the challenge on how they will figure out the basal/bolus rate and the I:C ratio but I have done LOTS of homework and really took the info and I know that it will be applied gingerly.

Now the hard part is the insurance! My insurance will cover 100% and they assured me when I contacted them about it. So now its just waiting for the paperwork to be submitted and hope they’ll reply fast and agree I need better control than doing MDI :)…I am glad I joined this group and learned a lot from hearing from others. It has helped me a great deal in understanding pumps. I looked at my book list and read a few books about pumping. I’ve re-read thinking like a pancreas a few times already.

and enjoying Pumping insulin book as well! Plus Ill download the workbook from Animas and get an idea what the I:C ratio will be, etc. It wont be perfect but I can get a sense of what it can possibly be. Plus I see the nutritionist on the 16th so she can also give good advice. I see my DE on the 14th who can also give some input as well. So I’ll be soooo ready when the box arrives :slight_smile:

Congrats! I have a green ping, too! I totally love it!!!

:-)…I can’t wait to get it and the paperwork hasn’t been submitted yet LOL! I plan on naming it Kermit :P.

welcome to the club. I am sure you will like it better than the MDI I know that I do

Keep us posted

I will keep you posted. I always hear “You’ll love pumping better than MDI”. I know I will I just can’t wait to get started!

That is wonderful news Amy. I have a number of different skins, so that if I am on a business appointment I can color coordinate my pump with my shirt and tie. You will get an offer for a free skin when you receive your pump - (I think there is a $5.00 shipping charge for it and the software), and you can get another one if you go on and set up automatic supply shipments with Animas. Also, when you talk with the sales rep or the trainer, just ask them for a skin, and they will usually get one for you. It is easy to build up a collection, and make your control a fashion statement. Have fun!

thanks Bill!! I plan to get the purple skin as there is no purple pump. But do plan on getting other colors too. I just cant wait I just want to run down the street and scream in joy. I plan to put a sticker of penguins on mine :). But I can not wait to see which place is the best t put the infusion set, etc. I am just too darn happy right now!

Congrats. I have the green Ping too.

Thanks! I’ll be grinning ear to ear until the day it arrives!

Congratulations Amy! I was glad when I saw the title had good news in. I know you will love the pump and how much easier it will be for you. Having the Dexcom first will help you get the pump settings adjusted faster.

Just curious when you said about the C-peptide & glucose. Did you do that fasting? Mine had to be fasting because that is the Medicare requirements.

I went with black & have a red skin. I have to get a skin for my remote yet and thinking the purple for that one.

it wasnt fasting…he said the ins company wants glucose 225 and under and the other to be sure my pancreas isnt producing insulin…just a safety measure really…but im too darn excited!!!

ps-i was waiting for you to reply :slight_smile:

I am on a Medicare supplemental plan & the Medicare requirements specifically state it has to be fasting. It also has to be under 200-something (not sure the exact number).

I meant to check earlier to see how you made out with your appointment and got sidetracked with stuff today. I was glad when I saw your message because I knew how important this was to you & I was worried he would give you a hard time. You did your work so you deserve this!

nope, he didnt give me a hard time…He was right on board!!! I lit up like a light bulb when he said he was on board. Thanks to this group, I’ve learned so much to be educated on it. I even wrote a blog entry about my victory :).

I am glad. I think sometimes when you are ready for the fight, it goes easier than you ever though! I will have to check your blog!

It was easy and he was right on board with it. He could tell I am so ready for the switch.