Starting Victoza tomorrow which will be in addition to Tresiba. Interested on others comments on this combo of drugs? Do you also take metformin? Weight loss and time on Victoza?

When I started Victoza I lost 15 pounds. I also exercise everyday walking and weights. It took about 2 1/2 months. You just eat a lot less food. I have been on it for 4 years and I still can’t eat a whole lot at any one time. I am still on Victoza and Metformin.

I’ve only been trying Victoza for two weeks now, but so far, my experience has not been so good. I do tend to get side effects, and this was no different. Aside from that, so far, my food intake has not changed significantly. My average BG over the last two weeks is somewhat lower, but not impressively so, and the fluctuation has been a lot less, but I am not seeing any encouraging signs of weight loss in my case.

We’re all different and my specific experience is likely not to be yours.

HI Thas I hope you might be feeling better now? I am taking the Victoza at night before bed 10-11 pm which I have read helps some and that it peaks after 8 hours so hoping that it might help the dawn phenomenon. I have lost 3 pounds in the past 4 days. I am increasing from .6 to 1.2 and going to decrease the Tresiba insulin tonight from 14 to 12. This morning my fasting was 88. This is lower than normal from me. Past days was 114 and 125. I am hoping side effects decrease, mine are not too bad. Get full easily and don’t have cravings and also not hungry between meals.

Last night I had a small meal around 530 pm and was not hungry the rest of the evening. Interested in hearing how others are doing with Victoza and hope it will help you!

Hey, @Yoga62. Actually, I stopped taking Victoza toward the end of last week. My experience/experiment was less good than yours, so far. For the, the side effects that were worrisome were the dizziness/light-headedness that I experienced daily that lasted anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. I had a little of the reported ‘nausea’, but not enough to be of any concern; however, as time progressed, my side effect increased, while the beneficial effects appeared to decrease: my fasting BG, which was good early on on Victoza, started to creep up, my spikes were getting higher and I stopped getting that ‘full feeling’ as much. In addition, probably because of the dizziness, I started to really CRAVE sugar! I haven’t had any serious cravings in maybe a dozen or so years, so this was a significant negative change for me. Over the time I took Victoza, I saw zero weight loss.

My endo and I decided it was not working as hoped, so I stopped taking it. This weekend has been extremely challenging, as, apparently, stopping Victoza causes a huge rebound in appetite, blood sugar spikes, and fasting BGs. Hopefully that will pass quickly – the side effects have already eased almost completely.

My endo wants me to try what he is calling the “last tool in his arsenal” now - Symlin. Waiting on CVS to find a box for me, hopefully tomorrow. Then, I’ll start all over again, most likely, with new challenges – and have to watch out for serious hypos possible with that stuff, I hear…

Victoza made me so sick I probably should have called 911 but my husband was home to keep track of how I was. The first dose I got nauseated, which I guess is standard. The second day/dose more nausea but then it kept me up all night feeling extremely nauseated. The third day I did not take a dose but by half way through the day I was vomiting and couldn’t drink or eat anything. I couldn’t even walk 10 steps without sitting I was so weak. I took the lowest dose possible. I had heart palpitations for two weeks after stopping. It. It was before I knew I was type 1, they originally thought I was type 2, My blood sugar stayed around 200 the third day. .