Weight loss and GLP-1's

So, I started Victoza a month or so ago and the first week, on the lowest dose, I lost 6 pounds. I was on a steady decline losing a few more pounds. Well, it stopped I’ve gained a little back. I’ve read this is normal and that sometimes that happens for a while and then you start losing again. Blood sugars have been good and appetite has been somewhat less and I’ve been eating low carb. Have other had this experience??

Has anyone ever split their dose taking half in the am and half in the pm for better appetite control? I tend to get hungry in the evening time and wonder if it’s wearing off. I take it at night before bed because that seems to work best for my fasting.

I lost very little weight. I also have thyroid issues. Nancy50

Me too Nancy and my thyroid is so unstable!!! Now, it’s running too high and I do not want to go get my blood drawn in the middle of this epidemic.

Are you still on the Victoza or did they change you to something else? It’s doing great for my blood sugars. My stomach is still kind of quirky. I split my doses to .6 in the am and .6 in the pm to see if that helps my appetite better. It felt like it was wearing off in the evening, only lasting about 18 hours as far as the appetite goes. The dose at night before bedtime really helps my fasting.

I didn’t get many comments about this. I wonder if there aren’t many people on Victoza anymore?? Thank you for your response Nancy.

I have not taken Victoza in a long time. I am on Tresiba , Trulicity and metformin. I am hoping with warmer weather I can get some weight off. More exercise as I do yard work. That is something I can do and stay safe. Be safe! Nancy50