So far I'm on my third day of taking the Victoza. Have been taking it in the evening at 8:00 at the .o6 dose. Seems ok so far. Endo wants me to stay at that level for one week and then try to go up. I did this before and once I got to the higher dose starting throwing up. So far so good. I am only eating until I start feeling full and then stop. So far I've lost four lbs. in three days and the morning sugar levels are back to 116, 114. unlike the 136 I was having. Seems to be helping there. Another thing is that at night when I take my insulin shot it stings and I'm using the 1/2 needle. Does anyone else have this problem I've tried doing it in different places. Sometimes it stings and sometimes it doesn't. Another thing is the Metformin. She has me taking four in the evening. Is this normal?

Thanks for any info I can get. Its nice to have others to talk with about this.