Video baby monitor with remote button push for dexcom

We have a 4 year old that uses the dexcom. Alarms at night can be very annoying especially when the receiver keeps buzzing after you have treated a high/low. I developed a pad with a wireless camera and a remote control button pusher so we can see the graph and silence alarms without walking into her room… I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this so we could exchange ideas to improve the concept. Also was wondering if anyone has been able to relay the transmitter signal.

I know how annoying that can be! What I did, which is a little counterproductive, but I need my sleep! I just set the upper limit to 400 (any bg that you are confident she wont get to is fine), left the bottom limit alone (I am much more concerned about bottoming out…that may be just me).Good luck and PEACE!

It’s very ingenuitive of you! That’s way outside of my scope of knowledge (as far as devising a remote button pusher and things like that), but I would be interested in seeing what the contraption looks like :slight_smile: Sounds very cool.

I have to say that this sounds so flipping awesome - I think we’d all LOVE to see some pictures of this contraption…

We have found the key to keeping her hA1c low is good nights

Except for the under 55 lows, you can set the alarms where you want them, so they should not go off any more than you want them to. One thing that is not made clear in the manual is that you must press the C button to acknowledge the alarm. Just hitting OK does not do it. My friends son was complaining about his the other day and told her it would go off twice in one class at school. Once I realized that he was not hitting the right button, I let her know and she texted him to let him know. Problem solved. He has had it for many months now and never said anything before! We were actually making the same mistake, but caught it early on.

Pictures please!!!

Holy Cow, that looks complicated!

Bravo! That thing looks awesome! :slight_smile:

Impressive. Did I hear the sweet sound of your daughter’s sleep-filled breathing, or did my imagination take over?

That is amazing!

she is snoring away!

I am working on the second generation which will be more compact and make less noise when the solenoid is activated. My wife loves it as she can check in during nap time and at night without getting out of bed. Design Challenge submission?

No way! That’s awesome. How do you “push” the Dex button to see her number? I couldn’t tell from the video. Can you view it if there isn’t an alarm going?

whenever we want to see the screen we just push the small remote button this pushes the button on the dexcom and we can see the number and graph through the video monitor. Sometimes we check her before alarms go off. Many times during her nap we can check to see if her lunch bolus was accurate.

Over the last month I have made another dock which is smaller and has internet/smartphone capability and named it the sweet dreams CGM dock… I submitted a video to the diabetes mine challenge. Wish me luck!! You can view the video here

or click HERE

It is at the bottom under “recent activity”

Awesome video! I’m impressed - the dock looks so professional!

We just started using a dexcom for our 4 1/2 year old son and I’ve been wanting something like this. The video you submitted to diabetesmine was great.

Instead of pushing the ok button I was thinking about using x10 or something similar to turn the outlet off and back on. Did you try doing that? It seems to work for turning the screen on. I’m not sure if it would dismiss a high/low alert.

In your video you showed that you had something set to send emails with photos. What did you use for that?