Video series called Supplements Revealed

Starts right now on the June 28th. I just found out a few minutes ago.

Each day you will have all day to watch that day’s video

Here are the words to type into the YouTube search or also on Facebook if you prefer.

Supplements Revealed FREE Documentary Series

Then you can join to watch the videos each day and then possibly at the end there might be a couple of days to catch up on the videos you missed, as that is how most of these series work.
The viewing can be done for FREE on your computer.
The point is one can get some insights that are worthwhile

I have used supplements to very good effect for 40 years. I am now totally diabetic and for the last day as usual I am on a TDD of 20u which is comprised of smaller doses that I decide on based on what we all know, carbohydrate intake, proteins, exercise and more and in my case always decided based on blood tests taken with my Contour Next One which I currently use… I am not on a pump.

Chromium is one of my favorites and I also take about 3 tablets of a professional grade multi 1 or 2 times a day depending when I eat as it must be when food is consumed as that is the point, they help in digesting and utilizing what you eat to best advantage. There are 52 elements in what I take and yes I do see a difference compare to days I forget to take them.

I am not telling you what I take as I am certain you will not be able to get it as it is just only available through doctors, because when it is sold at a store I know of it is sold out almost immediately as people are aware of the reputation…

My real point is to direct you to this video series I just found out about as I often do watch these informational series.

It will not be about any specific brand, but talking about what happens in the industry and what you need to watch out for. This is generic information provided by medical professionals who are involved and know what they are saying.

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