Vinegar, cocoa powder, cinnamon powder

Has anyone had any experiences with small modest quantities of vinegar, cocoa powder (unsweetened) and cinnamon powder and whether they help to lower or at least not spike blood glucose?

I've heard that ground cinnamon is helpful to lower bg.

I have heard that apple cider vinegar was good for lowering blood pressure but not blood glucose. As Helen stated I have heard anecdotes about cinnamon lowering blood glucose, but it has to be a certain type of cinnamon, not table or baking cinnamon.

I have never heard anything about cocoa powder for blood glucose.

IMO do not rely on natural products for control of BG. Metformin, insulin and other drugs come in standard units and do not vary from dose to dose. If you have not normalized your BG see your doctor. That said natural products may help you to fine tune your BG control.

I am using Resistant Starch (RS) and have seen about a 7 mg/dl drop in my postpranial highs over the last month. In this video Dr. Wendy Garrett discussed use of vinegar, and other short chain fatty acids, to stimulate the production of T-cells that help to suppress inflammation. RS has similar effect by feeding the bacteria in your gut.

OldTech can you elaborate more on RS? What are your main sources?

I'm with you Eucritta, since I'm battling RA, thyroid, allergies, and diabetes it would be best to stick to standard medications for me. I've also heard anecdotal evidence that Biotin and Chromium Picolate (sp?) can also lower BGs for Type 2s, but again there are too many things to factor (i.e., contraindications) to gamble with your health.