Does anyone use cinnamon capsules to help lower BG?

I keep hearing that cinnamon ( power or capsules ) will help lower BG. Does anyone take this before a meal? I have a few times but have not really noticed a difference in my BG.


I thought cinnamon just helped the body be more sensitive to insulin, keeping numbers more stable maybe over time, who knows… but not outright lower them. I haven’t used them in supplement form, but I do add a little cinnamon here and there when I can… :slight_smile: I figured if someone told me to stand on my head for a few minutes every day to improve things, I might do it too… hehehe Anything to feel better! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that cinnamon does jack-fooey to help T1’s but studies have shown it helps T2’s. I believe I read that in “Type 1 Diabetes for Dummies”

I would be happy to hear and see some sound proof of cinnamon (Raw, capsuled etc…) that would help blood sugars for t1 diabetics.

Cinnamon does nothing to help me. I’m Type 1.

Most of the remedies–cinnamon, vinegar, herbs–are for Type 2s. Every few months it’s a new miracle aid.

The vinegar is a little different, apparently, because it only works when added to complex carbs, and affects their metabolization. It doesn’t work the way cinnamon is claimed to be, which is make a person more sensitive to insulin. The vinegar does not work at all for simple carbs, either… just the complex carbs. They did a study (, but they only tested Type 2’s, so I dunno if other Type 1’s have tried this, and if it has worked for them…

Cinnamon works for type 2’s because it increases the number of receptors on the cell to increase the amount of insulin able to dock and increase the cells sensitivity to the insulin . since This is the issue for type 2 and not type 1 .For us that have type 1 our is not having insulin but or cells are sensitive to insulin .

I tried vinegar also. Capsules & straight vinegar of different types. I use a lot of vinegar in cooking because I like it. Never saw it make a difference. My carbs are complex ones.

Yeah, with a lot of those ‘new miracle things,’ I figure I use things cus they are healthy, and enhance the taste of foods… and if they help, yay, and if not… I’ll still gain other benefits from healthier eating, anyway… lol So we rely on our overall plans, and not just one or two things that might help.

I’ve gotten out of the habit, but not long ago I was dilegent to drink propel with a qtr tsp of cinn and a qtr tsp of ginger. I’m not sure which helped most, but I definitely could tell a difference.

I’ve tried it, because it is harmless and because it is weirdly pleasant to burp cinnamon.

It does not affect my blood glucose levels at all, nor does it make it easier or more difficult to maintain those levels in the normal range.

have heard Cinnamon is a good antioxidant for the body and should be included in the diet

Clinical trails has showed limited affect on lowering the numbers on rats but Certainly doesn’t make a dramatic affect on mine

then again maybe thats just me :wink:

there are several supplements that are suppose to help with BS levels in different ways. Cinnamon, garlic, chromium, zinc, alpha lipioc acid, omega 3 fenugreek,caynenne pepper etc.

I have been taking cinnamon on a regular bases and I can’t say I have notice a difference. Mentally it makes me feel better that I am trying to something more for myself.

I hope this helps.

Judith, how do u take the vinegar? I put cinnamon in my coffe, Yummy! I have heard doctors say cinnamon is good for the body.

Hi Lizmari,

You need to stand on your head every day for a few minutes.

It will improve things.


Cheers! Mike

I’m a prediabetic and have been trying cinnamon for a couple of months now. I don’t notice much, if any, difference in my glucose levels. But I do enjoy the cinnamon burps. I take the capsules with my fish oil pills, and the resulting burps are definitely more pleasant than the fishy burps. So that gives me an incentive to finish the giant bottle of pills.

I tried Cinnamon for a while but she just kept licking my face!! (See my picture … that’s Cinnamon!) But it did lower my blood presaure because I found out that I was loved even though I had to consume something to attract it!

I tried the capsules but was told that it is actually the cinnamon liquid that works best. In the end, I just stopped because it was gettng a bit costly for me.


I’m with you Lizmari, if you tell me something that might work, and if it makes even the least amount of sense, I will try it. I heard the same thing about cinnamon, and am using it on and in my food, but haven’t tried the capsules yet.

I’ll let you know.

Obviously - you’re not a rat!

I tried Cinnamon too, and didn’t really like the results. In my case, i noticed smaller spikes, but it took me longer to get back to fasting level. for example, normally my fasting is around 80 so after a meal, i would go up to say 120 at 1 hr, 100 at 2 hr and back to 80-85 at hour 3. using cinnamon, my bg would only go up to 110, but would remain at 110 for up to 3 hours. i experimented with a few different foods and while the overall numbers were different, the result for me was the same. That said i have heard of cinnamon working for other folks so since there is little to no risk with it, its always worth trying to see how it works for you.

i might try it again just for that fact. I hate the fishy burps that accompany by omega03 pills!!