Virginia passes law to cap insulin at $50


Wow, I imagined everybody quit working on this stuff once covid hit. Interesting.
I thought the government didn’t want to argue with pharma during this time.
I stand corrected.

It’s just a copayment cap. So I think you need insurance (or Medicare) to benefit.

This is mostly messing with rebates that are paid from the pharmaceutical companies to insurance companies and pbms (like CVS Caremark).

The need for a complicated rebate system is reduced if copayments are capped. Costs can’t be shifted to the insured/patient.

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While I applaud this move I question whether it helps the most venerable diabetics, those unable to obtain insurance. While there has been improvement made toward making insurance accessible there are still uninsured people in this country.

The problem of insulin cost for everyone will not be solved until we tackle the price charged by manufacturers. An uninsured person should be able to buy insulin at the same cost as an insured person.