Visible sugar in urine

Ok. Not sure if this is normal. For the last month, I’ve been noticing swirls in the bottom of the toilet after urination. Thought maybe they had something to do with Dr B. Diet. This morning, I did a test and mixed some table sugar with water and dumped it into the toilet. Exact same.

My BG level (last 7 days) has been avg 143. (DP kills me).

Has anyone else seen this? I have some Keatone strips at home. I’m going to use those tonight.

There is a lot of stuff that could be in there besides sugar. This is not a good area to be guessing. Kidneys, bladder, urethra, dead cells, all kinds of stuff at work here.

Go to a urologist and have it tested.

Eddie2. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve explained it to my endo and gp. Just wondering if anyone else had noticed something like that?

You may find some info here, but agree with Eddie to follow up with doctor if concerns.
I had a kidney stone earlier this year, and possibly had symptoms similar to yours. But don’t usually pay much attention to what’s in the toilet!

go to your dr and get a urine test, it could be anything including a UTI

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It is sugar or Glucose. 38 mg/dL Normal Range: 0 - 15 mg/dL

Your blood glucose units are at odds with normal and high

If you’re using US mg/dL scale, normal is around 80 and high is above 250-300

On the other hand if you’re using the mmol/L, under 3.0 is low and over 12 or 14 would be high (divide or multiply by 18 to go from one to the other)

The normal range of glucose in urine is 0. But when you have high BG, then glucose “spills” over into urine, by the kidneys. Some medications make the kidneys “spill” at lower levels to reduce high BGs.

"The extra sugar in the bloodstream is usually only removed via the kidneys at blood sugar concentrations of 10 mmol/L (180 mg/dL) and above. "

I noticed this before I was diagnosed and have always wondered if it had something to do with how much sugar I was peeing out… but I agree there shouldn’t be any there or very little once your diabetes is under control unless you’re taking meds that cause that…

But it’s a very easy thing for any doctor to evaluate…

I take Metformin 500ER - 2x a day. We have been struggling on if I’m a Type 1 or Type 2 or somewhere inbetween. Earlier in my diagnosis, I was able to hold 85-130 range, but I’m struggling now. I’ve lost too much weight trying to reduce the carbs. I can still hit the 90’s, but my liver almost always responds by adding glucose. Sometimes I think the regulator is broke.

My Insulin level was 10.9 (Mid Normal) and C-Peptide 1.89 (Mid Normal). No anti-bodies present.

I can hit those levels. My normal DP is 200+… That is without eating anything in the morning.

In spite of my gender, I tend to sit on the toilet to urinate and thus the urine flows gently down the bowl… no splashes. A number of years ago, I noted a frequent floating white line in the toilet after urinating. I guessed it was sugar in my urine. After hospitalization with a major illness in 2013 when I also began insulin treatment for diabetes, the white line no longer appeared.


Mine would be at the bottom of the bowl. I took some sugar and mixed it with water and produced the same result. I’m thinking my days of running without insulin is closing quickly.

Thanks for the reply,

You might get some of the strips that test for glucose in urine.

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It may or may not be sugar. But one thing is sure: you shouldn’t be guessing. Go see a urologist! That said, your 143 BG isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible, either. When I first started testing and treating my type 2, my BG was 352. And I’ve heard of even higher levels!

You may also be seeing other sediments in your urine. Agreed get medical advice.Nancy50