Vision distortion

Please have a look at my last blog post and give me any thoughts or opinions? Twice today for about 5-10 minutes I had shimmering in the near periphery of my vision.

Have you ever had a problem with your retinas/retinopathy?

If I were you, I’d go see my eye doctor to cover all my bases!

JT, I’ve had several ocular migraines since Dx; they last anywhere from five minutes to thirty. Have never been able to figure out a triggering event, other than the first occurrence when I hadn’t eaten for quite a while. What makes them so freakish is that the onset is incredibly fast! The ophthalmologist’s opinion is that ocular migraines are unrelated to the diabetes – but I used to have frequent, untriggered nosebleeds before Dx and haven’t had a single one since going on insulin, yet am told the two are unrelated.

As far as I’m concerned, stuff like this only proves that most of the medical establishment knows squat.

I would see an eye doctor (ophthalmologist, not optometrist) ASAP… it could be something relatively benign, like the aura that comes before a migraine (ocular migraines for example usually don’t come with a headache, but with varying degrees of vision disturbance - all of which originate in the brain, not the eyes) or the flashing/shimmering could be a sign that your retina is detaching from you eye… which is a pretty serious thing.

My experience with ocular migraines is that they’re actually more disruptive for me than a normal migraine - so don’t dismiss that just because it doesn’t hurt it isn’t a big deal… but if you haven’t experienced migraines and aren’t 100% certain that’s what it is, go get checked out. If it is actually something with your eyes, the sooner you get seen the better chances you have of preserving your vision than if you wait too long.