Eye blurriness, diabetes related?

Hi all, wondering whether anyone has experienced anything similar to what I’m describing below.

Diagnosed type 1 a little over a year ago. When I started insulin my eyes I got very far-sighted for a few weeks then things went back to normal, but since then I’ve had a couple of periods I’ve had a re occuring problem where my left eye (only) seems really sensitive to eye strain / gets mildly blurry / sometimes the lid gets a little twitchy. It’s not super noticeable, but didn’t go away for a week or so the first time. I definitely notice blurriness when my BG swings a little, but it happens even when things are stable. My A1C since diagnosis has been 5.0 or below. I had a dilated eye exam around the first time it happened and everything was judged aokay.

Basically, I’m wondering whether (from personal experience or otherwise) anyone knows whether fluctuating BG levels can just sort of generically bring out eye problems even when the sugar isn’t fluctuating. I’ve also got thyroid issues, but, again, everything is pretty stable.

Seem like it might be a diabetes thing? Or unrelated?

Best to all…