Visit to the endo: a mixed bag

So we got the results today, and it was a good news/bad news sort of visit. Good news: Eric’s HbA1c went down. Bad news: not as much as we’d hoped. Good news: a lot of that probably has to do with the fact that he’s grown about an inch in the past four months. Bad news: what isn’t due to his growth is related to a certain level of paranoia about lows that has possessed me and, to a larger extent, Mark since that awful day I had to give Eric the glucagon. (Basically, Mark has been playing it way too conservative in the carb correction department when he’s been caring for Eric during the week–we see a different pattern on weekends, when I take most of the responsibility for daytime correction, than we do for weekdays.)

So, in sum, we have some adjustments to make. We made some of these in terms of his carb ratio and correction ratios, which we’ll start implementing at the end of the week (we want to try them out at home so that if they overcorrect him, we don’t freak out the daycare with wicked scary lows). Most of all, we have to make the mental adjustment when it comes to Eric’s sick days–the mindset has been “avoid going low at all costs” and what it has done is pushed us higher than we want to be.

I also had another session with the social worker to see if she had any ideas for helping me with the finances, but sigh looks like I had more info to give her than she had to offer me–I told her about! So if nothing else, I’ve helped spread the word to other parents like me…

The highlight, though, was Eric himself. He was certainly in Tigger mode during the visit—bouncy, cheeful, and determined to be the center of attention (and leaving a fair bit of wreckage in his wake). Dang, but he’s cute!