Vitrectomy and low blood sugar

I am pre-diabetic and in the last two years I have been diagnosed with low blood sugar.
I am scheduled for a vitrectomy surgery on my left eye. I am not going to be totally sedated.
I need advise on how to handle my blood sugar?
What is the process for the surgery?

Are you on any meds or insulin that lead to you lows? If so, you would adjust them. But confused because you say you are pre-diabetic, and unusual then for you to need vitrectomy.

Do you know your A1C or average bg?

You should discuss with surgeons what options you have. Will you have IV for fluids, so they could monitor and give IV glucose if needed.

I had my first vitrectomy many many years ago, and was done with overnight stay in hospital. I know many are now done in doctors office, which is where I had other eye done more recently.

Diabetic eye disease is not the only reason someone may need a vitrectomy. I have had multiple eye operations , several vitrectomy issues , no diabetic retinopathy. Luckily have only needed laser to repair my issues. Check your blood sugar before you leave home. Have a discussion with your surgeon ask to check low do you go,not being on insulin? I am thinking 65 is very different than 40. Just curious. Nancy50

How is non-diabetic hypoglycemia treated? From FYI:

  • Keep food or drinks that contain carbohydrates on hand. Carbohydrates will raise your blood sugar level when you have hypoglycemia. Carbohydrates are found in bread, rice, cereal, fruits, juice, and milk. If you cannot eat or drink, your healthcare provider will give you glucose through an IV. An IV is a small tube placed in your vein. You may also receive a hormone called glucagon that helps raise your blood sugar level.
  • Treatment will depend on the cause of the hypoglycemia. For example, if a medicine you take is causing hypoglycemia, healthcare providers may change or stop giving you the medicine. If hypoglycemia is caused by low hormone levels, you may need to take hormones. Nancy50

Thanks for responding. I don’t have diabetes but hypoglycemic episodes. My retina doctor stated that my macular hole is due to aging. It has gone as low as 62.
I wanted to know how you handled the process after the surgery? How did you keep your head lowered for hours especially at night?

The position of your head depends on , in my case where my retina tears are located. I did not have to do that. I have had so much laser I have lost my peripheral vision. I have not had a vitrectomy. But have fair central vision. Mention your blood sugar,I would not be overly concerned as they can monitor you. Good luck. Nancy50

I am going in for eye surgery in coming months and asked the surgical coordinator about bg control requirements during surgery. They are surprisingly lax. I have to be below 300 at time of surgery, that’s it.

Having my surgery first thing in the morning helps me (I’m a full-blown T1) with the required fasting before surgery.

Are you worried about the fasting requirement before the surgery? How low is “low” for you?

I would talk to my CDE for some guidance. I know when I have my colonoscopy I need to be below 150. And they check my blood sugar several times. Good luck with your eye surgery. Nancy50

Thanks, Lori