Vitrectomy with saline solution


I had vitrectomy with saline solution 1st of December. I see the shape and but it is blurred. Also I feel that something stuck in my eye. It is not painful but it is bit irritating:( could you please say if it is normal to see blurred and when my sight will be back.

Thanks for your response

Sorry you are having this problem. Have you asked your doctor about it?

It normally takes 3 months for your body to replace the saline with new vitreous gel.
Your vision is blurred because saline refracts the light coming in it.
They only put it there to keep the shape of your eye while your body gets to work on production.
The hope is that your sight will be normal afterward, however I hear a lot of people say it’s a long road.

I have a lot of floaters but I’m putting off this procedure until it’s 100 percent needed. Right now I can sort of look past them.
Maybe a drug in the future can help.

My non diabetic mother has the same issue so it’s not necessarily diabetes related.

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I will have check in one week, next Wednesday

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3 months😳I was thinking 48 hours…I’m not diabetic neither. I had bleeding in vitreous because of my pregnancy. We wait 4.5 months but it did reobsorbed by my eye…

Although stitches are rarely necessary with today’s vitrectomy techniques and tools, surgeons do sometimes need to use them. That could explain a scratchy feeling under the eyelid. Can you call your surgeon before you see them next Wednesday?

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I would call them and ask to be seen sooner, you don’t want to take chances with your vision.

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