Vote on the Best CGM


My comment is about another option that vibrates, although differently.

Well, the number of survey takers jumped again, so up to 36, so I will do another quick analysis tomorrow. For any one that comes across this and wants to participate, the survey is here, and clicking on the image should work as well.


The number of survey respondents has been 59.

We are overwhelming DexcomG6 users.

As for what we thought best:

  • 51 - DExcom
  • 3 - Senseomic Eversense
  • 2 - Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3

I haven’t properly parsed this, but iIt seems that most of use G6 users, when thinking it is best, are generally comparing it to products like the Freestyle Libre, a Medtronic device, or an earlier Dexcom.

To me, the one item that seems to warrant exploration is the Senseomic, in that there is one current user and 2 prior users of it, of those, two have used the G6 and judge the Senseomic Eversense best.

As for the order of reason the Dexcom was considered best:

  • Accuracy
  • Ease of Use
  • Technology
  • Device Integration
  • Features
  • Apps

It is very difficult to compare things that you have not experienced.
Most of your data compared Libra and dexcom and Medtronic, but even that was not a 1 to 1 correlation.
We would have to compare them 1 on 1 from people who have tried both to get a clearer picture.
We are unfortunately locked in with our pump to which sensors we can use unless we are not using loop.
My insurance doesn’t cover eversense. Otherwise I might try it.
It’s also not equipped to control a pump.
Too many variables

I don’t disagree at all, and I am simply avoiding saying something along those lines, that our limited experience makes the comparisons questionable, but that perfect type of analysis, with controls and blinds and side-by-side evaluations doesn’t exist. Is there a Consumer Reports analysis or some equivalent on CGM’s?

Similar to insulin comparisons, in tha pharmaceuticals set up straw man arguments, like their new insulin against NPH, not Lantus versus Levemir, nor some equivalent market product, but one that makes their product look good.

That said, this is the best I can do with limited resources, but still somewhat useful for getting feedback, particularly those that had a broader range of experience and why they chose the Sensionic Eversense, and the Medtronics devices are generally not liked, obvious to some people in this forum.

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