Wake-up call

i heard once that even if you can’t actually ‘believe’ something, just ‘act’ as if you believe.

so if you just ‘act’ like you can go far with this (with your own treatment/ changes), I am sure (I know) you will make leaps and bounds in progress.

So, even if you can’t (or won’t believe), just ‘act’ as if you can, and you WILL win.

I think it’s now time for manny’s hamster !

So do something.
Do a ‘little’ something EVERYDAY.
Start ‘ACTING’ like you can make progress.
Go for it ! Don’t hold back.
Start by taking the dogs for a walk.
Just start!
You can !

I’ve shed a tear twice on TuD.
Once after reading ‘the happy lady’s’ post on her slight depression and struggle with DB (like she felt she couldnt always win everyday)
And today.
You know, you don’t have to win everyday !
Just Start, and point yourself in the right direction.
You will be fine then !

What a cute and insightful response. Michael. I might print your little poem out to keep with me as I attempt to grab hold of this monster!

Sounds like you have a good plan and are ready! You go girl :slight_smile: Keep connected to this place, You’ll get good support here. Good luck!

True, I know plenty of people with Diabetes who haven’t had complications.

It depends on what kind of a person we are, I guess. I believe in realism. I find positivity has it’s place, but not in order to eschew reality. Only when we embrace reality will we be properly prepared to positively face our lives and destinies. To me, this is the only kind of positivity that is beneficial. The positivity of embracing the hear, and now, and the potential consequences of everything we do. The embracing of our realities. Why should we not have some healthy fear of Diabetes? We have healthy fear of touching a hot stove, or of walking alone at night in a bad neighborhood… Yet don’t seem to want to be brave enough to admit that we need a healthy fear of Diabetes. Diabetes HAS to be real to us… because once we realize “Oh, crap, I should’ve have done x, y, and z…” It will be TOO late.

My motivator is… that my quality of life is not trying to eat the same crap everyone else without Diabetes can get away with eating… but living another day with my legs, my eyesight… without dialysis… and living another day with my family, husband, and friends. THAT should be our motivator. Not the empty crap people write in posters and motivational books… People who write empty ideals, and motivators are making money off of you and me. That’s THEIR motivator… But embracing reality, accepting reality, and doing something about it… is the most positive thing we can do.

THAT is what I learned from watching my father slowly deteriorate and die from Diabetes, and all of it’s complications. That people need to get real… Because an empty pledge never took anyone anywhere. Things HAVE to be real to us in order to work. We have to live positive/healthy lives BECAUSE Diabetes is dangerous, and when those complications come knocking… ain’t no motivational poster gonna fix it. We have to be… like that lady who played Anne of Green Gable’s grandma… stoic, with no nonsense. Embracing the reality of things. Then, when we have sober judgement, can we begin to make a more positive change.

I’m all for promoting healthy and positive ways of dealing with diabetes - and that is my practice. In my post I prefaced my comment with “If it creates the motiviation for those who aren’t motiviated otherwise,……”

I’m motivated to make good choices with my health in part because I know the consequences of doing otherwise, and in part because I enjoy the benefits of good health. It’s the same motivation that works in other areas of life. For example, being motivated to live within my means, because I understand the consequences of not paying the utilities bills and understand the benefits of having a great credit rating (and electricity, lol). Or the motivation to cross a busy street on a green light as opposed playing Frogger with traffic and risking injury or death.

Different things motivate different people. And having an accurate understanding of risks (or as it’s been called, scare tactics) is one of the things that helps us make (positive) decisions that will negate risks.

I completely agree with you, Maureen.

Dr. Oz is not and endo. Remember that. Take what he says with a grain of salt. Be proactive in helping yourself.

Well said…

I’m sorry if people misunderstood my comment. I’m wasn’t trying to say that we shouldn’t have a healthy respect for the disease, I was just saying that I think if we take it seriously and watch, we don’t have to get complications. The other thing is I think people have become smarter about the disease and how to treat it. We all know the Diabetic diet given by the ADA isn’t going to help anyone. I also think,in the past, people mostly just followed their doctors advice and didn’t check things out for themselves, nor did they have things like this. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

I wasn’t replying to you or anyone, in specific… or being offended by anything… Really. I was just replying to the whole concept of people referring to those who want to confront others about Diabetes with a little reality… as “scare tactics.”

And well… unfortunately, genetics is more the drive for if we get complications… Control is important, yes, but… often times, it’s not the main decider if we get a complication.

“We all know…” — And unfortunately, the “we” are just the few people who belong to online communities, who make an effort to educate themselves, and be in control, and “we” are in the serious minority. Believe me, most people do not have a clue… and to them, things like leg amputations, dialysis, and blindness… happen to other people because they are “old,” and it won’t happen to them because they are “young,” and that stuff doesn’t happen to “young” people… and they think their high carb/low fat ADA diet is just fine.

It’s unfortunate what people don’t know, and what their doctors won’t tell them…

But people seriously need to be confronted with some scary truths, sometimes. We all do. If I didn’t know that fire was scary, and it would burn down my house if I wasn’t careful, I’d be playing with matches all the time. I love fire. lol But alas… it’s really not the greatest decision. :slight_smile: Yet, some people still accidentally set their own houses on fire…