Waking Blood Sugar Readings

I was just wondering what everyone on an insulin pump's waking blood sugars are. I am balancing this honeymoon, and I can't decide to stay on the pump at the minimum .05 u/h setting, or just use no basal and just bolus. My readings usually fall between 105-125 while I am on no basal. When I was on the pump at the minimum .05, they were anywhere from 70-85 on the minimum basal.

Just wanted to see what everyone's waking goal was. Is sleeping in that 110-120 range harmful? If you don't mind, just let me know so it might give me a better idea of what I should shoot for, therefore which method I should use now.

Why would sleeping at 110-120 be harmful? Those are near perfect numbers. I aim for 100 or lower fasting. Do I always get it? Hardly. One thing to recognize is that when you are out of the honeymoon it will all change. If you are very lucky you will be one of those people who are in range almost all the time. If you are like most of us, sometimes you will be in range and sometimes you won't. The good news is with enough testing and awareness of correction factors you can prevent being out of range for any longer than necessary by correcting promptly. But remaining within a range of 15 points? For most of us that's a pipedream!

I used to allow my sugars to go up to 150 at night, just so I wont wake up dead.
I got a CGM now so I set my basal rates ( 4 different ones at night) and I normally flat line all night around 95. I love it. Now when it's 120 I think it's high.

I like to be between 85 and 105 when I wake up and don't worry much if it is as high as 120 although a string of 120s would lead me to start tweaking my early morning basal.


I've had a heck of a time getting below 7 (126). And when it is that low, it wakes me up.

i am usually about 95 to 130 and when its above 110 its usually because i slept bad or tossed and turned. i am still tweeaking my basil rates for bedtime i go to 2.4 at 3am till 6am

I don't mind waking up in the 70s, or even 60s, as I'm usually sort of out of it until I have some coffee. That way, if it spikes up 20 points, it's still usually ok for breakfast?