Walk walk and walk if you wann' to feel better


Since last 8 months i am on regular walking schedule daily for 45 mintues. However I have heard that 30 minutes walk is more safe but I can n't resist myself walking less than 45 minutes daily in morning. I have also noticed that my sugars rise for 60-70 points rise after briskwalking but I am helpless. Anyhow I am walking for stroll since last 30 years in evening but the schedule was not regular or punctual but now I am addicted to waloking.

Friends I have shed 20 pounds weight and my BP has come to 110/70 from 130/90. Fpr liver problem I take bolus of 2 units in morning but in evening its impact is limited 10-20 mg/dl
What are your experiences of walking ?

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I walk twice a day. I take the dog around the block. And when Cosmo does not want to walk, I go by myself. I walk about 20 minutes. My wife joins me when she can.

Walking helps the insulin move around my body. If I sit still after shooting insulin, it may or may not work.

I wear a supporting shoe insert and take two Tylenol. Walking gets my heart beating, so I take along my hydroglicerin. I also pocket two of those glucose tablets, in case I want to voyage beyond our usual distance.

I llove to walk because it reminds me of earlier, when I used to walk a lot.

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Congratulations on your weight loss! That is great. Reading your post I feel like I found a twin to the problems that I am attacking right now except I am female and older than you. I had a terrible liver surgery 5 years ago to remove a tumor. I have another that the doctors are watching for growth. They were benign but so big that they had to come out. I had a biopsy and a right resection of my liver. They also found that I have a NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that causes me a lot of pain and a gall bladder that gets blocked. Anyway I was struggling for since early 2013. I changed my diet to no fat and eat most of the foods that promote a healthy liver.
I am on my fourth day of walking. I was so out of shape that the first three days hurt and I could only go every other day. I did walk for at least an hour though. I was so sore that I was up all night after all the walks with pain from stenosis.
Well, today everything clicked. It was wet and cool with the most wonderful flower smell in the air. I went through the neighborhood and into the woods where the smell of black dirt and cedar mulch was awesome. The rain had washed all the pollen away and I started to walk like I had a purpose. I could feel my muscles and it felt great. About half way through I think I was happier than I have been in a long time. Everyone I passed was smiling and nice, every single person, young and old. I can see myself getting into walking just like you. I am going to lose ten pounds, get in shape and drop a size. I have really high blood pressure and I believe that is going to get better with walking too.
I am so excited about this. I can see myself really getting some good goals this year. I ordered a Fitbit and by the time it is mailed I will have gotten a routine just like you are doing because I want to walk an hour a day. I stopped at the park and did stretches and some exercises on the Jungle Jim. It was alright and I am home still happy. Walking in nature is awesome!


So nice to hear you are enjoying your walks, and wonderful walks as you describe them! Keep it up and I know you will feel better not to mention lose weight.


I’m glad you’re enjoying your walks. Walking in nature is so nice! I’ve also been trying to incorporate more walking into my daily routine.