Walk not skip

It has been a real struggle over the past two weeks with blood sugar levels have varied from 11 to 15 ,there I was so content with myself I took my eye/eyes of the ball and have a real struggle on my hands literally speaking increasing the dosage of insulin and victoza has not adjusted my readings going to use another machine in case mine is faulty during the past 2 weeks I have not felt good at all having more then a couple of wobblies resulting in me feeling really poorly.
My problem is down to taking a rook of other medications for heart failure gout prostrate depression and pain killers for aches and pains in legs arms and shoulders all I believe being caused by one or more of the drugs I take tried missing dosages of drugs prescribed not sound advice where your heart is concerned beta blockers or statin 13 pills a day will knock anyone about physically and mentally but there it is drugs VS pain further heart attacks cramps aches and gout so bad I cannot get out of bed for days.
The bright side of it is I am helping the drug companies increase there profit so share holders are happy,if only we could exchange bodies or go back in time see the mess we have made of our Temple and be more careful in what we do to our bodies,lie Dorothy on the Yellow brick road perhaps we should learn to walk before we skip the days away