Walmart's blood glucose meter

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering what other people's experiences are with the Relion blood glucose meter from Walmart.

This is the one I've been using. I know that there have been a lot of discussions comparing meters. I'm not expecting to change meters, I'd just like to know what other people think of this one.

Thanks so much!


ive been using a relion meter the past year to supplement the accucheck given to me by the doc. i only get 200 strips a month covered by socialised medicine and so i stock up on the relion Brand when back in the states. i find it consistently runs about 10 points higher tan my accucheck but as i said, it is consistent. i think it Works fine.

The one I used to have tested pretty close to what my One Touch tested. not off by much at all.

I've noticed at higher bg levels it will read slightly higher, but in the 60-100 it is very close to one touch. I also found it was within 5 points of my lab bg reading. What i do like is when i test twice in a row the readings are very close to each other. where with my one touch it seems like i always get the 75-160-112 WTF readings.

i like that, jim-75-160-112 WTF readings...

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This is timely, yesterday I had a 63-168-145 WTF reading. When I have a reading requiring treatment, I'll usually confirm with an additional test. I often test high, then rewash my hands and find that my fingers were contaminated causing a false high. But a false low? Does anyone else get false lows? What causes them, just bad strips?

That would be an interesting topic: can we get false low on meters?
I believe it never happened to me.

If you are impatient and do not wait long enough for the extra water to evaporate from skin you can get false lows. Drying the skin with a towel will not remove water soaked up buy dry skin, it must evaporate. A small amount of water in the surrounding skin will migrate to the small sample when the skin is punctured.

It's been my observation that if I have a hard time getting a drop of blood I can't trust the reading. This has happened so many times I don't even bother testing, instead I re-stick and only test when I get a nice drop.

Thanks, everyone. It's good to know that, for most people, the Relion meter gives relatively consistent readings.

I've really liked how inexpensive the strips are.