Was in heaven today and ate something I shouldn't have

I had a rough morning and ended up going out to lunch with best friend at favorite chinese buffet. I checked before I ate and i was at 80, since my sugar has been running so good the last week, I decided to spoil myself and have a small slice of pecan pie. My sugar never went over 120 even after eating. I have figured out the art of bolusing for my favorite chinese place and get my pie too.

Yay Cody - hope it was delicious!

Great job Cody, speaking of Chinese, I had that for dinner and I am past my two hour mark, ahhhh the anxiety, better go test. :wink:

I take like 5 units of insulin immedately and then do the rest over 3 hours to stay in control after chinese.

Hoorah! I love when you realize that you can sin without sinning!!

Way to do it!

Good Job Cody! sometimes you have to step outside the box:) I hope it was good:)