Was the Liz a Diabetic?

Yes the beautiful screen siren has passed away.

One of the things I liked about Elizabeth Taylor was that she made being a dark haired beauty fashionable and bankable while other actress were dying their hair golden blonde.

There is a debate if she was diabetic or not. I had read in several website that she was and now I am hearing that she is not. Does anybody know the facts?

Liz tweeted once that she did not have diabetes.

“Dear Friends, I was completely honest with you about my hospitalization,” she wrote. “Now the press, bless their little hearts, had to add something by saying that I had diabetes, which is a total lie.

“But I guess they can’t help themselves. Talk to later as promised. Love, Elizabeth.

Dumb question; I’m not a social media person. What would prevent someone from starting a twitter account and saying they were Liz Taylor (or anyone)? (I know this is off topic, I was sad to see the news today, thanks for sharing that pic, Christalyn. She was definitely one of a kind.

Liz Taylor, tweeting? I don’t think so! Besides, the supposed tweet you posted was more than 140 characters :-).

All that said, yes there’s a real stigma about having diabetes even today.

Actually, Liz Taylor did Tweet, according to the report I heard on MSNBC today!

But through all of it – the gossip, the ailments, the loves and losses – she remained indomitable. She even joined Twitter to send regular updates on her life. CNN-Elizabeth Taylor dead at 79

I have done a lot of research on celebrities with diabetes or who have family with diabetes (e.g. Academy Award nominated composer Alan Silvestri, whose son Joseph has type 1 dm), and nowhere have I found an indication that Liz Taylor had diabetes of any sort. Yes, there have been rumors about her having diabetes for the better part of two decades, but (again) as far as I have been able to tell, the rumors have never been substantiated by reliable sources.

Bottom lime is you don’t always know the account is legit, but some accounts, particularly of celebrities, politicians etc are “validated” and indicate so when you review the account before you choose to follow.

This site indicates that she had diabetes: http://www.nndb.com/people/624/000023555/ But have no idea how reliable it is - -they sure do have a list of every health incident in her life though. Hard to imagine that someone actually tracks this stuff.

Donna, if you read this page, the owners of nndb.com write:

Additions or corrections to profiles submitted by users are not included automatically. A member of the NNDB staff vets any submitted change, and applies any changes selectively and manually. If a submission cannot be verified, even if the information is correct we may not be able to use it. Our standard is correctness over verifiability (the reverse of Wikipedia), and in many cases where there are questions we include footnotes to elucidate inferences made.

Many submissions are found to be false due to widespread misinformation – see the explanatory note on Lyndon B. Johnson’s location of death.

Some submissions are false due to an agenda of disinformation – John Hanson was not a black man, and no amount of Afrocentrist propaganda will change that.

Providing verifiable references is extremely helpful and may speed changes.

As I have perused the web, I’ve found a number of sites which claim Elizabeth Taylor had diabetes. Given that she denied it just two years ago, as of this moment, I am still quite skeptical of her diabetes status. My thought is to keep an eye on the news and to see what is released by her doctors, her family, and her publicists.

You have the right idea. I do not believe Liz would be bothered with twitter or new forms of media especially if she is trying to live out her golden years. I also know that in her generation this is info that would not be offered so openly especially if they were T2. Being a actress it may have cost her a few jobs too if this was a known fact.

It is a real tweet, I’ve seen it myself on Twitter.

Like you through the years I also read she had Diabetes but I only know what I read.

I had never heard that she was diabetic, lots of other medical issues with her though. She is one of a kind and there will never be another like her.