Waterproof watches?

Does anyone have a waterproof watch that reads a Dexcom G6?? Not water resistant but waterproof?

I would love to be able to read my BG level when snorkeling and am usually in the water for about an hour.

My understanding is the Dexcom will pair with the following:
Dexcom Receiver
iOS / Android Smart phone (select models)
Some insulin pumps like Tandem X2

I have an iPhone and Apple watch. I do get readings on my apple watch but only via the phone Bluetooth.

Dexcom sends data to iPhone, Phone sends data to Apple watch. So if the phone and watch are more then 10-20 feet apart you might not get any updates on the watch.

Months ago I heard the CTO of Dexcom mention they were working on a direct to Apple Watch option. He said they already had it working and were doing quality testing and FDA approval. Since then I’ve heard no mention of it.
Here is a link to the podcast where it was discussed.



Sorry I don’t have a timecode for you, it was a long time ago I listened to this episode.

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The technology doesn’t exist yet for the Apple Watch to be a receiver for the Dexcom transmitter. It would kill the battery with all the cellular communication it would need to do.

The FDA is not going to allow a half baked app for the watch as a receiver, and would need to meet all the criteria that the phone app does. This would include alarms, ability to calibrate, uploading data to Dexcom’s servers for the share and follow functions as well uploading data into clarity.

The topic came up in the last earnings call. I remember them saying that AppleWatch support requires new transmitters and they want to wait until all customers have transitioned to new transmitters. The next earnings call is in a couple of days. I expect that the topic will come up again.

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They’ve been saying this for over two years now.

Bluetooth range underwater would be severely restricted. Even if your watch can directly connect to your G6, I would expect reception to drop out if the sensor or watch are underwater.

Your right about the new transmitter, they mentioned that in the podcast. I think the new 8xxxx transmitters that make restarts more difficult likely are the upgraded transmitters they said they are waiting for.

In the podcast interview the CTO said they needed a new transmitter so that it can bluetooth connect to the iPhone and Apple watch at the same time. He said the current transmitter hardware was not capable of doing that. This is 9 months old information.

The water as a barrier to communication I’m not worried about, I can hold both right above the water to get a reading or updates. If I can get a waterproof device.

I have an iphone, but when I put the iphone in a true waterproof container I can’t get get Siri to respond. And there is no way I’m opening the container in the ocean and the potential dropping of said iphone in ocean water which it does not recover from.
Ocean water is supposed to be deadly for smartphones.

The other potential solution is I have an old iphone I think is a 5S which is supposed to work with the G6 ap and activate it so I can download the G6 ap. That way if I ruin it I won’t care too much. Since what I do to snorkel is working so far I haven’t been motivated to do that.

Apple Watches series 2 through 5 are all water resistant with a IPX7 rating (50 meters depth) and are designed for full submersion for swimming so they will be fine for snorkeling. Scuba diving not so much.

Dexcom does not use cellular signals to communicate with phones or watches, it uses Bluetooth which uses a fraction of the battery that a cellular signal would require, so it won’t kill your battery.

Because Dexcom does not yet have transmitters that connect directly to watches, you will need an iPhone and an Apple watch to see your number on the watch. The waterproof vinyl pouches work really well for the iPhone, using the touch screen through the vinyl works great, and siri even works to some degree. You do not need or want to get a waterproof hard case, they do not allow use of the touch screen or siri as you mentioned.

All this being said, you will not be able to get a continuous reading if you are underwater for extended periods because the bluetooth range is reduced to less than a foot underwater. As long as you can get your Dexcom sensor and the phone and the watch above the water surface for a few minutes now and then it will connect and work, updating your number now and then instead of every 5 minutes.

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That is interesting that the apple watch is supposed to be okay in the ocean, the iphone is definitely not though.

@MrMontag I have a waterproof hard container that definitely is waterproof that Siri won’t communicate through. We have tried a few other waterproof containers and they seep easily especially after a few uses. And I just don’t want to ruin my phone.

Do you know the brand of a really good waterproof vinyl pouch? That would be a good solution if they work well. I am pretty much on the surface all the time.

I didn’t know you still had to have your phone with the watch!!! I wish they would go ahead with a watch communicating with the transmitter!

@Marie20 I have used the Aquapac brand for several years and have never had a leak. It allows touch screen use, touch ID (fingerprint sensor), Siri, or talking through to make phone calls. Another brand I know is good is Stash WaterPocket. Each of these run about $30 but they are worth it. Do not get one of the generic $7 ones on Amazon, I wouldn’t trust those for even one use, this is not a time to go with a cheap option.

Why can’t we use links in this forum?

Just search for Aquapac or Stash Pocket on amazon I guess.

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Thanks @MrMontag

These look nice and it makes sense they have come out with better containers that are more useful.

FWIW, I’ve taken my iPhone 7 whitewater rafting (inclusing a 9-day trip down the Franklin River) and kayaking and sea kayaking, and carry it in my PFD pocket without any sort of waterproof case. It has seen rolls and plenty of wet exits and swims in both fresh and salt water.
Not being able to unlock it with waterlogged fingerprints is a nuisance, but otherwise using it in wet environments hasn’t been a problem (I have a hand-strap stuck on the back of a regular case with the same 3M tape used for GoPro mounts so I don’t drop it when getting it out of a pocket).

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@MrMontag I have now ordered a Stash Pouch pocket!!! Excited to get it and have full use of my phone!

Yesterday when we snorkeled this was on the beach resting! This is a resting area and these are always nice to see!



That’s so cool! It would be great to be near the water and be able to snorkel. I hope the Stash Pocket works for you, I’m sure it will.

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None of the sensors will transmit under water. Even a water bed is problematic.

@Timothy The Libre because you can scan it works underwater! I take the reader out in a waterproof Stash pouch, the Libre is on my leg and always underwater and just scan it off and on to know how I’m doing! It’s been a blessing and allowed me to stay out in the ocean snorkeling as long as I want too! Last time I got out because I was tired after 2 and a half hours, my blood sugar was still a nice 128!

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So you scan it while you are under water. Then there is no distance between the sensor and your scanner.
That is possible, however most cgm uses telemetry from a distance and water blocks the signals.

@Timothy Right, I could not get my Dexcom to work even holding my phone right next to it for a length of time. Part of the problem with the Dexcom is it wants to communicate all the past data it hasn’t read yet before it gives you a reading. And it’s not fast about doing so. So even holding my arm out of the water for a length of time wasn’t working as I can only keep it out of the water so long. Holding it right up to the sensor wasn’t working either as it just doesn’t want to communicate under water.

But because you scan the Libre for a reading, even though it downloads past data, it gives you a reading immediately. I have the reader in a waterproof Stash pouch and the Libre is on my leg sometimes under my swimsuit and sometimes not and I have had no problems getting a reading. I have been using Skin Tac for the Libre and it has been staying attached. Both my Dexcom and the Libre seem to take the ocean water with no problem. The Dexcom needs Skin Tac touch up applied each time I snorkel as the adhesive edges always start to come up.

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