Dexcom G6 and Apple Watch

Does anyone have an update on when the Dexcom G6 Sensor will communicate directly with Apple Watch, not needing the phone? Two years ago, Dexcom said it was an apple issue and they were working on it!

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No update, but xDrip+ has had standalone watch support for a few years. I’m now using Loop on Apple iPhone and would welcome standalone capability on Apple Watch.

They recently discussed it on a Podcast interview and said they are still working on it with Apple.

They said it was more complex than they originally thought and didn’t provide any timeline for a release.

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Thanks appreciate the response.

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Thanks disappointing. Bluetooth range with the phone isn’t the best. Remaining hopeful.


BLUF(Bottom Line Up Front): When all of the paint drys, FDA, FCC, Dexcom, & Apple are trying to do things correctly and assure the final product works well and meets the needs of all of the stake holders.

The real issue here is the BlueTooth standard. The way Dexcom (and others) builds the communications channels in the transmitter piece of the CGM system, it can only chat with two devices at a time, 1] a phone, etc and 2] a pump or Dexcom receiver. Switching receivers requires a new sensor session.

In order to meet FDA design requirements, Dexcom would need to allow more devices to chat with the CGM transmitter. In order to have more than 2 devices chat with the CGM, more radio guts would need to be stuffed into the CGM transmitter. This may be coming sooner because of hospitals wanting to use CGM technology for blood sugar monitoring of diabetics instead of having a staff member wander the halls performing finger stick blood sugars. Having a central CGM monitoring station, similar to ECG telemetry, will provide greater care of the diabetic’s blood glucose level around the clock.

Additionally, since Bluetooth is a frequency hopping system spread over 1600 channels. The more devices trying to chat with one host transmitter (like the CGM transmitter) the greater the chance of the receiver devices wanting to chat on the same channel, called signal collision. How many devices need to chat with the CGM sensor? Let me list: 1] an insulin pump, 2] patient’s phone, 3] patient’s watch, 4] patient’s receiver (for physical therapy sessions or out patient surgery), 5] inpatient central CGM monitoring station, and the list goes on and on.

See BLUF at the top.

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