Ways to incorporate high-protein chickpeas into your diet

Yummy! We love to make homemade hummus; it is a super quick and healthy snacking choice.


I put a recipe for chickpea flatbread in our recipe file too. Very tasty and easy to make.


I need to try it!!! :grinning:

I throw them in green bean salad. Quick and easy. :blush:


Hi Mila, It’s just 1cup chickpea flour and one cup water plus salt and cumin or herbs or onion. Mix to pancake like mix and fry in a little fat as for pancakes you can also pour into a deep sided dish and when cooked cut into rectangles. You will have to google for this. The flavouring is very important as they are a bit bland without. I freeze any leftover pancakes.



Another thing we do with chick pea flour, we coat fish fillets in it before pan-frying. You get a lovely golden crust on the fish without using wheat flour or breadcrumbs.


Don’t throw away the juice from the can. It’s called Aquafaba and is used to replace eggs for many vegan dishes (you can actually make meringue with it!).


Reply to @Pastelpainter’s remark on frying fish:

I also do this, though I usually add salt and pepper to the chickpea flour before frying.

You can also coat the fish in beaten egg before the chickpea flour. Both are good, but they are different.

I also make chicken cutlets by fileting the two chicken breast halves, pounding them flat, then coating and frying them as for fish filets.

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I’ve not tried chick pea flour when pan frying fish but will soon. We use Almond flour in the same way and LOVE it!!

Among us Ashkenazi Jews, a simple traditional snack is made as follows:

One soaks dried chickpeas the night before, or a few hours, and then simmers them for 40 minutes or so in plain water, until reasonably tender. Drain them, put salt and pepper on them, and eat them by the handful.

Believe it or not, this snack is mentioned in the law books: it is the custom to eat it at the party on the Friday night before a newborn boy is circumcised.

Some Moroccan-Jewish relatives of mine eat the same snack, but serve it with ground cumin in addition to the salt and pepper.