We are Back, and the Pump is here!

Well now we being the steep learning curve of the pump. Yes I am sure its easier than the shots and it does sound way better, but man there is a lot to remember. We will go to the dr. in decemeber to learn how to use it. DD is wanting to go now. However i have no sick leave left at work and can’t afford to take off of work to learn how to use the pump. Yes I know it is her that is going to be using it, but I need to know how to use it as well. I will be still checking before i go to bed and will need to be able to make adjustments as well.
She did get a new meter w/the pump that will beam her BG number to the pump for ease of use. I have read some of the book - got through some of the warning, like the cell phone. Tell me how people who use handle this or even just? does it really interferer with their pump? She say’s its no big deal cause she keeps her phone in her back pack but what about the days she is at home and has her phone in her pocket? just make sure its in the other pocket? I have so many questions, I am sure that some of them will be answered during the training and reading the book.
Is there any real life things that we need to know? I am coming to my friends here because I know you guys use this product and can give me the real life information.
her pump is the meditronic minimed pardigram 722.

thanks to all of you for being here for us. Sorry for our long absence but we are both back and ready to get back to business and live.


Hi Christina! I use the Minimed 722 as well. So feel free to ask any questions.

I have no problems with the phone. I try not to put them in the same pocket (when I remember), but it has never caused any problem for my pump. She doesn’t need to worry about that too much, just when possible put it in the pocket on the other side, etc.

Do you have the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh? It’s a really useful guide to pumping. The public library may have it as well.

I can completely understand why she wants to start on the pump RIGHT AWAY ( I would too!), but it is important that you go with her, not just so that you know how to use the pump, but because it’s better to have 2 sets of ears to catch all the information.

Another important thing is to ask the trainer or the pump company representative to give you guys a sample of all possible infusion sets. So that she can try them all and see what she likes. People have different preferences. My pump trainer just gave me one kind and I had no idea there were different ones.

wow! thanks Kristen - the co sent us like 5 boxes of infusion sets i thought we would just use those. i had no idea there were others thanks! we will be getting that book asap - probably will buy so we can have for future ref.

They did the same to me. They guessed what type of infusion set that I wanted and I never knew there were other types. Depends on body type and personal preference. Also check the length of the cannula (the tube that goes into the skin). I use QuickSets and they gave me all 9mm cannula, which kinked a lot causing problems with insulin delivery. I much prefer the 6mm cannula especially for places with very little fat.

Where I get my supplies from, they will take back unopened boxes of infusion sets. So if she doesn’t like the ones that they sent, see if you can trade them in for others. The pump trainer might be able to give you a couple different ones.

The phone shouldn’t affect the pump at all, since they necessarily have a digital code that makes sure the pump is ONLY getting the proper signals. Wouldn’t make any sense to have i t be an open channel that might get the wrong signal from ANY source. Really doubt medical authorities would let them sell any without this safeguard.
As for infusion sets there are several varieties. First ones I used went straight in, which many still do. Since I’m fairly thin this just didn’t work too well. The needle kept pulling up when I moved certain ways, and sometimes didn’t go back in right, so it stopped delivering, but was hidden my the extra tape it needed to hold it on. Bad situation.
Another difference is that some use steel needles, which I still think would shorten their working life from irritating the skin because they aren’t as flexible. The other type uses Teflon canulas instead of a steel needle, which I’ve preferred for the last 15+ years since they became available in a usable form.
The other factor is which direction they go into the skin. I’ve used sets made by Unomedical (formerly Maersk), which are known by several brand names: Comfort, Silhouette, or Tender. I prefer these, since they are Teflon, but go in on a slant from the base, entering slightly to th side. This lets them flex differently from the body without working free, and have always worked for me.
Sjhe’ll have to decide which kind works best for her, but it helps knowing whats out there first. Try looking at:
They show the major kinds so you can see what I an.

Thanks for the information. We will be asking and maybe see if the Dr. will give us some to try, maybe we can exchange a box for a box w/a mix. I think she has plenty of fat to insert into, but there are some area’s that don’t have a lot of fat. so we will see.

sounds great~! never would have thought about the pocket thing. She mostly wears skinny jeans so I don’t know if she will be putting it in her pocket. But it is def. something to think about.

There is a VERY long learning curve for the pump. Take it small steps at a time. If you try to do too much and read everything prior to the training it will feel too overwhelming; I know from personal experience… I have had type one for 41 years and have pumped for 6 years…The pump is wonderful, but it takes time. Once she starts using it,She will love the freedom… and better control.

God Bless,

I just got a 722 as well and started using it this week. I’m in full agreement that you need to try a few infusion sets. My trainer had the quickset ones in her office, and I tried that, and hated them. I’m using the sure-t ones right now and really liking them, but had I NOT known, I would have probably just gotten what the person on the phone reccomended.

as for going with your daughter, I fully agree! I wish I had had my other half with me to hear all of the information and things that went along with my pump. My head was spinning. And just having gotten one, i completely understand wanting to get it on NOW. that was me! I got it,and wanted it now. It just makes life so different!
Good luck!