We did it! Over 8000 Big Blue Test results! Thanks!

After a generous extension until midnight, Nov. 15, Accu-Chek (the program sponsor) granted us taking into consideration the outage we experienced during World Diabetes Day... we passed the goal of 8,000 Big Blue Test entries!!

The diabetes online community participated in full force, turning in a little over 4,000 entries. Type 3's (our friends and loved ones) helped us reach the goal with their participation!

As a result of the goal we just passed, in the coming days we will be granting the following amounts:
* US$25,000 to International Diabetes Federation's Life For a Child program.
* US$10,000 to Moundville Medical Clinic, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
* US$10,000 to LIFT For Teens/Walk and Play For Wellness in San Rafael, CA
* US$10,000 to University of Colorado Denver
* US$10,000 to St. Anthony Medical Clinic, St. Anthony Foundation in San Francisco, CA
* US$10,000 to Pecos Valley Medical Center, Inc. Pecos NM

We will also share the anonymized results submitted by people with diabetes with two research groups, to help us analyze them and learn more from The Big Blue Test and, hopefully, touch even MORE lives in 2012 with it!

Thank you to each and every one of you who participated in The Big Blue Test! In particular, thanks to:
* Rob Muller and Todd Siesky: champions of the project at Roche, the program sponsor.
* Sean Ross and Jeffrey Lee: Director and Production Coordinator for the Big Blue Test video.
* Each of the people who lent their time and patiently worked with Sean and Jeffrey in the video.
* Matthew Dimmett: who designed and implemented the new Big Blue Test web site.
* Andreina Davila: whose creative direction made the project a success once more.
* Emily Walton and Emily Coles: for supporting the project along the way.
* David Edelman and Riva Greenberg: who offered key advice throughout the project.
* Michele Huie: Communications guru extraordinaire, who helped us with all the PR!
* Fatima Shahzad: who worked her social media magic in support of the Big Blue Test.
* Rachel Konte: for designing the gorgeous Big Blue Test t-shirts.
* Mariana Gomez: for support with Spanish translations.
* Fabiana Couto: for support with Portuguese translations.
* Each of the charitable groups: who offered their help in getting the word out about the Big Blue Test. In particular, Heather Whitley, from the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy; Isabella Platon at International Diabetes Federation; Richard Waxman and Genevieve Foster, from LIFT - Levántate for Teens; and Wesley Nuffer and Dana A. Brandorff, at University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
* The DOC, all our friends and partners: who helped get the word out about the campaign over and over.

To remind you what your participation in The Big Blue Test made possible, watch this video that showcases one of the groups getting a Big Blue Test grant...

Thanks to you Manuel for putting everything together, for being our biggest non-stop champion.

PS. shhhh... I am happy to get my husband back. ;)

Beautiful project, another touching, amazing video & a fabulous success! My gratitude to everyone who made this happen.

Ok, I can now take off my BBT T-shirt.

Manny, please take some much needed time off with your beautiful wife & son.

I can't thank you enough Manny and Andreina for the time and energy you put into making this such a resounding success! What a wonderful opportunity not just for fundraising but for education and awareness.

Thank goodness can get rid of my Big Blue Nails!! Hugs to you both, and make sure to hug each other.

I'm so glad that the goal was reached!!!!! When I made my last entry ay 11 pm here we only liked about 700 & something. I'm SOOOOOO glad!!! Thanks to all I didn't think that I had enough strips to do it but I found out at the last minute I did!!!!!

And many thanks to Accu-Check for their generosity and graciousness!

Thanks for showing the breakdown where the dollars will go ...I will keep wearing my Blue T till end of November ...Diabetes Month ...still lots of functions happening around diabetes ...ultimately: I will keep on walking and testing !

That is so wonderful!!

On WDD I was also confronted with the outage of the server. It is really generous of Accu-Chek to extend the deadline beyond WDD and to make the donations possible. Hurray!

YEAH! Awesome collaboration... thanks for letting us be a part!