Big Blue Test Countdown Begins

These are some stills from the video we will be unveiling Nov. 1, to support the Big Blue Test. This year, the Big Blue Test will be bigger than ever!

In the meantime, join the Big Blue Test Group... This Friday we will make the announcement about what will be happening this year.

i love the big blue test!

I am on board!

I have watched the video and happy to report , that I have forwarded the link to quite a few of my diabetes buddies ; some are TuD members , some just may become :slight_smile: . Not savvy enough( maybe more like not having enough patience :slight_smile: ) , to sign up and add a comment or 2 to the page .

Think outside the box - share it with everyone not just your diabetes buddies. Today, chances are very high everyone is touched by diabetes in some way. I even shared it with my dentist - and he watched and passed it on!