Wear Some Pants

About a month ago I was diagnosed with Type 1, about three weeks after my 30th birthday. It was completely out of no where, especially since no one in my family has diabetes. Since my OB-Gyn caught my high sugar levels, we all just assumed it would be type 2, since I’m too old for it to be type 1. However at my fist visit with my primary care doctor, she said it was probably type 1. I was shocked. I didn’t even think that was possible. She starting talking about LADA, ran some more tests, and put me on Metphormin. She set me up with an appoint for a few days later for when she had the test results back and she had more to tell me. At that appointment, she said things were still inconclusive, and she wanted to put me on Lantus.

For some reason, this is the point where I got really upset. I just didn’t want to have to inject myself with things. All I can think of when I hear type 1 is my almost brother in law who had a seizure when I was living with him and my sister last year. All I can think of is him freaking out about something stupid because his sugars are low. All I can think about is how embarrassing it would be to have a seizure at work… especially since I almost exclusively wear skirts. I do not want this.

I have another appointment with another doctor. She starts upping my lantus and says that I might have to start injecting myself before meals. I also do not want this. She says that I have to make an appointment with an endo, so I do.

I see my endo, she runs more tests. Long story short, we finally determines it’s type 1 for reals. I have to start injecting myself with insulin before every meal. Seriously, every doctors appointment just gets worse… Can I just stop going?

I talk to my doctor about my fear of having seizures, and how I wear a lot of skirts and I don’t want people to see my underwears. Her answer, “Wear some pants for a while.”

Are you effing kidding me? Listen, I will stop eating carbs, cut out the sweets, exercise and eat regularly, and inject myself with things… I will make a lot of changes for diabetes, but I WILL NOT STOP WEARING SKIRTS AND BEING ADORABLE. There are only so many changes a girl can make.

LOL. well then wear clean underwear

I’ve had T1 for over 10 years and I’ve never once had a seizure… I wouldn’t worry about that :slight_smile: Test often and most likely it won’t ever happen to you either.

My gran always used to say put clean underwear on before you go out in case you are knocked over by a bus! Seems she could be right after all! Hugs, take it one day at a time…

I have had type one for 43 years, and I wear dresses and skirts ALL the time. I,ve’ got on a curt pre-valentine dinner two-piece outfit m ( skirt an sweater )as we speak . And I do, too, like looking cute and adorable, even at 56.
You do not have to experience " fall-out "seizures as a matter of course while injecting insulin. I have had a few in 43 years. less than 10. I know it sounds like your life has just completely turned around but it hasn’t: You will learn and you will adjust to your new life with type one diabetes… You are just in the “why me?” Anger mode right now, and that is to be expected…
I highly recommend the books Using Insulin by John Walsh, and Think like a Pancreas. author is Scheider (sp)? They are filled with helpful deas that doctors and CDE’s may or may not give you.

God Bless,

I never thought about it that way. I once had a collapse in the hall at work, must have done it gracefully, Seized and came out of it with no one saying anything about what I had under my dress.

Keep a good eye on your BS eat regular, no skipping meals, and keep glucose and a pepsi for emergancys,.

I think not worring will help to. Some things in life we can’t prevent or control… Read up on the signs of Low BS and learn about you and your feeling on how you are.

I’m sorry it seem every Dr adds more to your health going wrong. But relax. it isn’t that bad.

I think you will find alot of help around here, and we all know what your going through. You will be fine:)

Welcome to the LADA club!
If you’re doing ok in counting carbs, your feared seizures will not happen and you can still wear skirts overall :o)
For the rest I just can say: enjoy the company on this website, we’re going through the same…

I was wrongly diagnosed with Type 2 - and only found out that I was type 1 when I was in hospital with DKA and the doctor wanted to know why I had not taken my insulin! I was not on it then! So, you are certainly not too old for Type 1.
The seizures that you describe are extreme! Different people react differently to low blood sugar levels. Most feel the effects of blood sugars dropping too low. Others do not feel it but other people notice your loss of concentration, your slurred speech, or in my case talking rubbish and irritability or going pale and beginning to sweat. If you train them well they will be able to tell you to test and deal with it! I find that the times that I do not want to test or eat a snack are the times when I HAVE to, and people have to be quite firm with me!
I have dropped to 1.2 mmols before I know about it, but that is because I have hypo unawareness.

You are unlikely to have a seizure with it. You could set your mobile phone to alarm every so often to remind you to test and learn to listen to what your body is telling you and test in between times if you are feeling unwell!

Continue to wear your skirts if you want to - and make sure you have pretty underwear if that bothers you!

I’ve had it for 43 years too, and I’ve never had a seizure, or been hospitalized or had to call 911 because of my diabetes. I am the opposite of you sartorially, as I haven’t worn a dress in maybe 15 years, but I’d say this is a good excuse for getting some really cute underwear.

This is all so new to you and there is so much you will need to learn and do to lead a successful diabetic life. I was Dx’ed at age 55 w/T-1, I have never had a seizure or been in the hosp. due to my D. Wear your adorable skirts and just take proper care of your BS and you will not have any trouble with it. I will be celebrating my 12 year diabeteversary the end of Feb. This is a terrific site to be on as a newbie with D. Good Luck !!! I am sure you will do fine.

Another thing, get yourself a diabetes ID bracelet or necklace, or go for something that records ALL your medical history in the event of an accident or other illness, they can check up what you have, what allergies you have to different drugs etc, and know to check your blood sugar levels! There are some pretty ones out there, but my sister made me a pretty dog tag with details on the back. A world exclusive!

Let me say a good word for pants. From jeans to dressy pant suits, I’ve always preferred them. I have to admit to a medical reason at the beginning–I had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and falling down now and again was a given. But as the years went by, I continued to prefer them.