Weather Complaining

Our weather has gone from winter to spring in just a few days. It always affects my BG readings. So I was not not surprised when things went awry Sunday.

Can hardly get my BG below 200. I’m on a pump. I have made some massive corrections by pump and by injection. Lowest it’s gotten is 165.

This morning was 219. Are one frozen pancake, bolused and corrected. Sitting here, heart starts beating fast, I get nauseous, headache, feel crummy. Tested at the two hour post meal mark was 298. Corrected again with an injection.

At noon I’m going to start a temp basal and see if that helps. I’m afraid to leave the house right now…

Just complaining. As in the past this will end as quickly and intensely as it began with a major hypo, I’m sure. I really dislike weather changes.

Sorry to read you’re enduring diabetes trouble. I’ve not had BG changes related to weather but I believe they can be connected. The important thing is to take care of yourself. You might try to eat lower carb meals until this episode passes. It seems like your body is releasing stress hormones that has led to insulin resistance. Are you drinking enough water? I hope you feel better soon! :worried:

My CDE thinks my body is attuned strongly to Cicadian Rhythms. It gets worse as I get older.


Does it happen with every weather change or just winter to spring? Could it be seasonal allergies? Immune function definitely messes with blood sugars in a lot of ways. I get a lot of atypical allergy symptoms (including some BG weirdness, as well as increased fatigue and postural/orthostatic hypotension), and loratadine (Claritin) helps a little. I have trouble with other weather transitions too (connective tissue disorder makes it really rough), but spring and fall allergy seasons tend to be the worst.

It’s not allergies, as I’ve had this all my D Life…55 years. I also take Zyrtec or Clariton daily for another issue, so it keeps most allergies away.

It’s both fall and spring, although this one has been really tough. I can hardly eat, because every bite of almost anything shoots my BG sky high.

Thanks, Cardamom!