Weekly Injections for Type 1.5? Trulicity or Other Injectable With Tresiba?

Happy Friday- My doctor emailed me that I could try a weekly medication for high blood sugar. I believe I am a Type 1.5, almost every endo I have seen over the past 18 years has a different opinion, and I have seen about 7 in moves with my job.

I am researching this weekend, does anyone have experience with a weekly injection of insulin that is working? I see a few for Type 2 but I don’t know yet for Type 1.5 I don’t make enough insulin. Currently taking Tresiba and metformin. Curious on the weekly option?

I saw today NOVO is working on one but not likely till 2020!


I don’t believe your doctor is talking about an insulin injection. I have not heard of a once weekly insulin injection.

He may be talking about an inject-able non-insulin product like Bydureon or Trulicity.

Yes he must mean one of those. So do those drugs work for people taking insulin? Does anyone on this forum take insulin AND Truliciyy or Bydureon? Any comments on success/pros/cons?

Trulicity and Bydureon are for Type2, not Type 1s (LADAs are type1)

i wonder what my endo thinks i am anyway, type 1, 1.5 or 2…i will have to ask him next visit. He is new as of last November. thought he said 1.5 at first visit but he did not seem convinced. i am going to stick with insulin and metformin for now. pills like Invokana stopped working for me over one year ago. i think my pancreas is making less insulin every year.

Update May 31: Endo prescribed higher dose of 1.5 mg of Truclicity weekly. Took first dose tonight. Wondering if I will have side effects like last Wednesday. So far fasting numbers are awesome. Keeping blood sugar near 100 throughout day and no need to bolus. I hope this continues and I lose more weight. Forgot to weigh this morning and yesterday so will try tomorrow morning. Hoping for an A1c around 7 this time! I do believe I have both Type 1 and Type 2 characteristics, a Type 1.5 This medicine is definitely working and my insulin has reduced from 19 units to 10 tonight (they said to lower 2 units for the higher dose of Trulicity)