Icodec Once a week Insulin

Some other news. A once a week long acting insulin coming up

Icodec (another winning name) by Novo


That is the coolest thing ever.
In some ways, its a step backward.
But, still super cool.

Who do we got who will try this? I demand community review from a guinea pig.

I’ll try it when it comes out…my insurance currently covers any novo nordisk long acting, so it should be covered

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Sounds like a bad idea since then you have a whole week’s worth in you when battling lows etc.

The news article says it was studied for use by type 2 patients using basal insulin only. I don’t see why they would limit study to T2 unless it is for reason like @meee suggest.

Type 2 also get dangerous lows and would not want to have so much on board for a week. It just doesn’t sound safe to me but I would have to read the study. I would not use it, but I won’t use any long acting again prolly except for emergencies.

Not sure I’d want it as a T1 drug. Tresiba is long enough and can cause get you in tough spots when sensitivity increases and you need to dial back the dose quickly. I just went from 32-26U due to increase activity and that still took 5 miserable days.

Ahhhh…but this could be really easy for some. Think about the type 2’s that should be on insulin but don’t want to give a shot every day. If the doctor tells them it’s just once a week they might be more likely to get it. Some people will be really happy about only once a week shot.

I think once a week insulin might be a little more of a problem in case it doesn’t last the full week? A type 2 makes some insulin, but since a type 1 doesn’t if it “runs out” you could get into trouble much faster. So that might be an iffier solution for a type 1.

I would try it, just to see. But, it seems like it might be tricky if you don’t get the dose perfect on the first try - maybe tough to adjust up or down from there. But, I’d try it, if they would let me.

Maybe its how simultaneously really easy and really difficult it is that makes it so interesting!

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