Weight problems. Suggestions?

So in the past two months despite my diet remaining pretty much the same I have gained 20 pounds which worries my doctor. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lose weight and stay fit? It’s not easy especially when I have a low blood sugar and need to eat or drink something. :frowning:


When you are low, resist the temptation to eat a lot of carbs bacause that gives you the roller coaster blood sugars that make for hunger and hence weight gain.

Dr. Bernstein has a chapter about treating lows in his book which suggests using ONLY glucose or dextrose candies like smarties or sweetarts. For someone weighing 140 lbs, 2 grams of carb should raise you 10 mg/dl. If you weigh less it will raise you slightly more.

So eat enough glucose to raise you to 100, and then test in 15 minutes because glucose is absorbed by then, if you are still under a safe blood sugar, use a bit more glucose.

It is VERY hard to be disciplined about this when you are low, but if you can resist the temptation to take far too many carbs and get a high spike later that also makes you more insulin resistant (high blood sugars does that) you can address the hunger problem.

After that, it might be helpful to invest in a food scale if you don’t already have one, and use software to calculate what you are really eating. I found portion sizes on packages to be deceptively small. So when you think you are getting 100 calories because that is what the “portion” is on the box, you may actually be getting twice that. You don’t want to even know what a true “portion” of ice cream looks like. Hint, no one except a very small child would consider it a portion!