Weight problems

After a period of obesity about 15 y ears ago (before I got diagnosed with hypothyroid and got it treated, and aside from 2 pregnancies), my weight has always been very stable (on the cuddly side of normal). But the last 6 months I just keep gaining without respite - and am now about 6 kg heavier than I was (I will admit here - I am up to 88 kg and could easily stand to lose about 20 kg). Am going to work hard to get back on very low carb. And exercise more. And stop drinking alcohol, which while not ‘excessive’ is frequent enough to be contributing to the problem. Somehow I have to hit that point of no return that people talk about and get this under control. I am feeling (and will soon be looking like) an obese person. And I don’t like it one little bit.

Has anyone else been though this. What worked, didn’t? Any good monitoring apps?

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