Weight issue

Hiya again,

Does anyone have advice on how to lose weight? I have put on 10 kilos in the last year and it’s making me feel ugly and down in the dumps. I’m battling to get into my clothes and dont wanna go buy new stuff for obvious reasons. For a long time I was slim but then “life” happened. I was retrenched from 2 jobs, couldnt find work for a long time and being a comfort eater, i have ballooned to uncomfortable proportions. I want to look great in my bikini again.

I’ll put up some recent pics so you can see what I mean…
Anyone with an idea, please respond…

Hi Debi. I can totally relate… You have to lose 10 kilos? I have to lose 10 pounds! I am vacationing in my home city from the US and I had truly missed our native dishes here… Now I realized I have gained so much ;( Losing weight is pretty cut and dry…“Eat less-exercise more principle.” Thank God my bg is still under control. I have a simple guideline I follow:

More on fruits and vegetables for fiber
Low carb, low fat food
Eating small but frequent
Go back to 60 minutes of cardio exercise per day
Have a target ideal weight

Hope this helps you a bit. I was successful before I know I can do it again. Join me Debi? =) Let’s compare notes after a month.lol.

Hey Debi! I agree with Teena except for her low fat food suggestion. I’ve read about fat eaten not equating to fat gained. Just my food philosophy (shared with a small but growing number of experts). I would suggest lowering your daily carb intake and increasing the protein. Getting active doesn’t hurt either.

Best of luck! You can do it :slight_smile: (oh yeah, positive thinking helps too)

You may have trouble losing weight if your BG levels are consistently elevated. Your body will take those extra sugars and convert them into extra pounds simply because that is what your body does. Lower carb, exercise will definitely help, but you will probably not see the results you desire without tighter control and as a matter of fact, those things can help you get better control

Hey Debi…what is your current insulin regimen?

type 1 - you need a pump and consider to start an exercise program.

Pump helps control and consistent exercise increases insulin sensitivity and reduces insulin needs. But most importantly exercise increases self confidence/image and positively reinforces good eating habits.

Exercise before work so there are no conflicts with other commitments. Start slow and keep it up.

Cool pics you have, Good luck!

hi. I wish I could gain at least 10 kilos. I am really thin and people have told me that I resemble a west African underfed child. Is there any advise on how to gain weight? I eat alot and have to endure jokes about falling through my own a**, food falling right through me and stuff like that. I read one of the comments about a pump. Does anyone know how I could get a pump on medical aid

Hi Debi. How is Gauteng? I used to live in Benoni!!! Close to Edenvale!!! You asked some info on weight loss. On what insulin are you? I am on Levemir and Apidra. I lost 7kg in the last 3 months. Very important to watch what you eat… I am on a “fat-free” diet. It really works for me. I have decreased my insulin units as the weight came off. Also do my BG before every meal and 2hours after etc. Also have cut on carbs… I inject 18 units Levemir once a day and 4-8 units Apidra (according to carbs and BG). Maybe you are taking to much Insulin??
Kind Regards