Weird Blood Sugar Levels

Hello everyone. I am a 27 year old female. I have been trying to be healthier recently. After a long fight with my doctor I was tested and diagnosed with Celiac Disease December of last year after a bout with Covid-19, although my parents and siblings think that I have probably had Celiac Disease since the age of 5 (I lost my hair- I might spell this wrong- and acquired alopecia areata amongst other GI issues). I also, have a dairy allergy, Tree nut allergies and a host of other allergies. Recently, I have been having blood sugar issues. Last year during post treatment for Covid-19, I checked my blood sugar and I had a random blood sugar reading of 461 and a fasting glucose of 181, I checked regularly after that and I have had readings in the mid-low 200s, high 100s, low 90s. I asked for an A1C check and it was 5.6%. In the previous years, my A1C was 4 (when I was younger I had episodes of low blood sugar). I recently gain weight, so I’m worried about pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes. I changed to a low carb, gluten free/dairy free diet. The other day, I woke up with a blood sugar of 135- my meal the night before was not full of carbs. I have been working out a lot and I have been insanely thirsty. But, my blood sugars have not exceeded 150 on any occasion. Do you think that it may be my new diet? Oh, I also want to add that I have been tested for 3/5 T1D auto antibodies and they are negative. I am also schedule to get a thyroid test. What is happening to me?

Allergies can cause blood sugars to go whacky. It sounds like you are developing type 2. So losing weight and controlling carbs will help.
Luckily there are several good drugs to try too

Thank you Timothy for your response. My family suspects that I may have PCOS. I eat fairly well, my mom’s shocked that I’m not smaller. My labs are all on the low side of normal. I’m going to keep working out and see what happens. :woman_shrugging:t4: