Weird Eye Symptoms

I noticed this a bit yesterday and now more today. When I look at a solid space, like this screen or anything really without too much detail I see this pattern. It’s kind of a large roughly circular with jagged edges and lines and seems to be a sort of brown color. I only see it with my left eye. It jumps around as I move my line of vision. Anyone have any similar experience?

I’m overdue for an eye exam. I only had one two years ago right after I was diagnosed. I hated the experience and never returned. (I know! Once a year!). I’m leaving Guatemala and returning to California in less than two weeks so unless it gets significantly worse I will see an eye doctor as soon as I can after I get back.

Any thoughts?

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems, Dave. Are they diabetes related? I don’t think cataracts are, but just a disease of aging. I thought cataracts happened to elderly people though, not middle aged.

What are the symptoms that you have been experienced?

Go. NOW.

Do you have some idea what it might be, Kathy, or just that eye problems are serious in general? I appreciate both your advice to not ignore the problems. I don’t plan on ignoring it. I just would much rather get it seen and diagnosed in the U.S. then rely on the less than optimal care in a Third World Country. (that is, if I could actually get an appointment before I left)

Were the symptoms you experienced vision related?

With something as serious a vision, I would not take a guess. But it is something NEW that you noticed. And that is enough to get it checked out. Call for an appointment tomorrow. Tell them you have db and are experiencing weird symptoms. If they cannot get you in, then call someone else. Maybe it’s nothing. But prompt treatment is essential.
I have had retinopathy (and fortunately have good vision today). It is nothing to mess with. Good luck.

I have an appointment in the with an ophthalmologist for the 28th. Fortunately they had a cancellation so could fit a new patient in and that’s 3 days after I arrive back in the states. It would definitely be off topic to explain Third World medicine, but let’s just say it’s a crap shoot, you can get lucky and get a good doctor but they still have Third World resources. (It was not possible for me to get a GAD 65 anywhere in Guatemala!). So I’m happy to have an appointment when I return to California. My symptoms haven’t worsened but haven’t gone away either. Fortunately I’m too busy getting read to change countries to worry too much! I’ll report back when I find out what it is. Hey, I learned to spell ophthalmologist, that’s something!

Yes, let us know, Dave! Btw I really enjoy reading all your posts, you have a very down to earth practical approach, with a nice touch of humor!

I would call your doctor right away! You may be having some bleeding on your retina.

Thanks, Marie. I don’t have a doctor at this time because I am actually relocating TODAY from Guatemala to California. Other than seeing if there is an ophthalmologist on the flight I will have to wait till Tuesday, but thanks for your concern.

Good luck, Dave. My mom had cataract sugery on one eye with good results ; and only occasionally needs reading glasses, at 81. She still drives, and her only eyeware for that endeavor is fashion sunglasses!!

God Bless

The Bay Area, Dave, specifically Berkeley. I lived there for many years until 2002 when I relocated way up north to the mountains of Trinity County (in order to work for the county and get retirement benefits and insurance…I’m very glad I did that now!). Then I moved to Guatemala in 2007. So I am, basically going home. All my friends and family live there.

Well, Dave, those ARE contradictory results/opinions !!. Good news is that whatever it is, it does not appear to be retinopathy. If I were you, I would do some more research and go with what seems to be the best option for you; Have you asked any of your wife’s work compadre’s for their opinion? I know you want to see better, and you say the glasses don’t help much… HMMM. Hope you can get a quick and accurate resolution to your dilemma

Zoe,Did you get in to see the opthamologist?

God Bless,

Not yet, Brunetta. I’m leaving Guatemala for the U.S. in just a couple hours. (Trying to relax by playing online…big trip for me and my cat!) I have an appointment set up with an ophthalmologist on Tuesday. (I was very lucky that as a new patient they were able to fit me in that soon because they had a cancellation). Thanks for asking! I’ll post my results.

Have a safe flight!!

God Bless,

I developed a cataract as a side effect of a vitrectomy - isn’t that weird? 75% of people who have vitrectomys will then get a cataract. Only the doc forgot to tell me that. I thought that the laser hadn’t worked and that I was indeed going blind. Horrible feeling. When I went in and was hysterical he said, “aw, it’s just a cataract - we’ll pop it out and you’ll be good as new”. Well, he did. And I was.
(Just day surgery - I had it doein the orning and went shopping in the afternoon - had to wear an eyepatch overnight>)

We’d probably not do well in a political discussion, Dave…I’m very happy to be back in the leftist atmosphere of Berkeley. But I’m sorry you feel that way about elections.

Thanks Brunetta, I arrived safe and sound and managed to unpack and get everything arranged on three hours sleep yesterday! I hate living out of bags and hunting for things!

Ophthalmologist tomorrow (a bit nervous) and my new regular doc on Wednesday.

Your Parents , Dave, have the wisdom of maturity… Zoe, I hope your opthamologist visit gives you some answers, Glad you arrived safely. I am jealous of you Californians,:Nothern California is absolutely beautiful, and San Jose ain’t at all bad… Great State, California. is…

God Bless,

Thanks, Brunetta, yes, I feel very blessed living here, and also to have spent two years in an amazing place such as Guatemala!

Hi all

Just to let you know I just got back from seeing the ophthalmologist. I have Posterior Vitreous Detachment. The doctor said it is not serious, but can happen as we age. He checked me for all the diabetic related problems and I’m clear. My pressure was at the high end of normal (whatever that means) so I will follow up in a month. For the PVD there is nothing to be done-the doctor himself has it in both eyes and says you just get used to it.
Thanks for all the concern!
I’ve always had super-vision so never gone to an eye doctor before I went right after my diabetes diagnosis. It was a crappy experience so I didn’t go back after another year like I’m supposed to. This was a busy but competent practice and it wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I feared so now I will go back as prescribed like a good little diabetic!