Weird side effect from low bg

I have gotten panic symptoms as well. not always but its happened. a very ineasy somethings nt rt feeling n then it subsides…

it's your adrenal

What is a dexcom??? I def have lows after I work out. I wish there was a way to not drop while doin cardio bcuz I feel after I burn all those calories I don’t wanna take carbs :(((

Ty for tht reply brunetta. I have seen some odd thongs during a low. light flashes…things moving…or melting. fuzzy chairs. oj tht looks red. ugh lows suck!

the best thing you can do is take enough glouse to get your blood sugar for me its five tablet and eat some thing as well ..but dont over do it ...and lay down for 20 minutes ............of course its hard when your driving or giving a talk to your coworkers ..or having an romantic walk ....=) you will be ok ..i had for 40 years of it and it will make you a happy and healthier person in the long run jessica =-)

dex com is a device that reads your sugar every 5 minutes try taking some glousce be before you work out ...jessica if i may recommend you sit down with a nurse practioner and explore all of your options i even like to go to one from now to then just to refresh my self ...your not alone we are all here for you diabetes is a blessing in disguse =-)

Can u use the dexcom w injections? I’m not on the pump anymore

Yes, you can use the Dexcom when on MDI.

I have those sensors from when I used to have the pump I cld prob use them while working out. I hated having a canula on me at all times. I’m one of the few tht likes injections better lol

I’ve noticed that this can happen, but VERY much more so when my Glucose gets above 180, not low. I would imagine that the body instinctively goes into panic mode when it feels it’s in danger…the “Fight or Flight” response, if you will.

HA HA Jamie Foxx gets a little "plug" on Tu D. Thanks Charles, for the funny in the early a.m. I have never been alchohol drunk ,...BUT "diabetes drunk" of Just have seen animate dust balls that snarl......

God bless,

Ok good to know :wink:


My craziest moment ever when low was at 5 am on a Saturday morning. I woke up and could hear my husband doing some laundry...yes, he is a wonderful hubby and helps me tons! But on this morning when I was a crazy low person, it infuriated me for some reason I'll never know and I jumped up out of bed, ran to the laundry room screaming about him "jumping me in line" for the washing machine!! I almost physically took him down to get him away from the washer then sat on the floor crying!

This was several years ago and it makes me laugh now but what a crazy person it makes me feel like. Sometimes I think our dear loved ones suffer just as much as we do.

I am not married , smileandnod, but I truly wish someone would, as the kids at school say,"Ditch the line" for me at laundy time. Did your hubby EVER wash the clothes that early again?..LOL

God bless

Yeh I have def had my crazy moments too. it all seems so disfunctional until I hear similar stories…then I feel great! hahaha

here I was thinking I was crazy. not realizing that it was the Diabetes that was doing it..thank you for the posts.

I haven't been down to 19 usually in the 50 before I realize it but that is the way I feel most of the time.. my sugar gets to be 100 and I feel like I am all over the road.

Crazy Moment - I was in bed with the TV on - Criminal Minds - and I swore to my wife that they (on the show) were coming for me. Checked my BG to be 53 - treated and turned off the TV!

I think you could say that...

When blood sugar drops in the bloodstream, the BRAIN does not get any sugar either. When bloodsugar is normal, emotions are relatively normal too. When there is no sugar your brain does not get the energy necessary to be normal, rational.

its not remotely unusual... it's standard stuff. Nothing odd...